Who was Grace O'Malley?

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September 13, 2011 8:46PM

grace o'malley was an Irish chieftain who lived/traded/pirated along the coasts of the west of Ireland, especially mayo and galway. her base was on clare island in mayo. famous for her skills as a weather forecaster (essential in a sea-faring community), a warrior, diplomat -(she visited the court of elizabeth 1 in London) merchant (trading with France and Spain mostly). her nickname - for those brave enough to say it - was "Gr�inne mhaol" - meaning "bald grace"from the tome as a girl when she cut her hair short in order to convince her father to allow her sail with him, as normally this was a job for men only. very much a folk legend e of the west of Ireland.


Actually she was a real person and was given pardon by Elizabeth the first of England for her past raiding of british ships in return for Grainne agreement to only raid the french frigates in future.