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Who was Hermann Goering?

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He was head of the Nazi Luftwaffe, appointed by Adolf Hitler. He commited suicide by cyanide pill in a prison before he was to be tried after the war had ended.

Hermann Wilhelm Göring (1893-1946), whose last name was also spelled Goering, was a German field marshal and commander in chief of the German air force. Next to Adolf Hitler, he was the most powerful leader of Nazi Germany. He was sentenced to death by hanging following WW2, but poisoned himself on October 15, 1946, hours before his scheduled execution.

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Q: Who was Hermann Goering?
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What did hermann goring had to do with the gestapo?

Hermann Goering is the founder of the Gestapo.

What height was hermann goering?


How tall was Hermann Goering?

Hermann Goering was approximately 5 ft. 10 inches. He was a member of the Nazi party. He was major leader in the German army.

When did Hermann Goering die?

The 15:th of october 1946.

Who was the leader of the nazi airforce?

The Luftwaffe was led by Hermann Goering .

Was Hermann Goering a man who invented an early version of the modern computer?

no, goering was a nazi and had no interest in computers nor mathematics.

Would Bugsy Siegel killing Hermann Goering stop World War 2?

Given a fictional scenario where Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel assassinates Hermann Goering to stop WW2 - sure , why not .

Who ran the german air force?

Hermann Goering led the Luftwaffe .

How was in charge of the German air force?

Hermann Goering, head of the Luftwaffe

Who was in charge of the German Luftwaffe during World War 2?

Hermann Goering

Who was the Head of Germany's Air Force in World War 2?

Hermann Goering.

Did hermann goering kill Jews if did how many?

he was the one that ordered the Final Solution.

What has the author Erich Gritzbach written?

Erich Gritzbach has written: 'Hermann Goering'

Who was head of greman air ministry hermann what?

Hermann Goering.SIDE COMMENTDoes anyone here know Mr. Owart? LOL

Who was leader of the German air force?

During World War II, it was Hermann Goering.

Who founded the luftwaffe?

Adolf Hitler ordered Hermann Goering to create the Luftwaffe in 1935.

Was Hermann Goering a Catholic?

yes he was before a priest told his father his confession sins

Who were the commanders on both sides during the battle of Britain?

Hermann Goering and Hugh Dowd.

What was the sexual orientation of Hermann Goering?

He was most likely heterosexual. He had two wives in his lifetime.

Who was Reichsmarshal Hermann Goring?

Hermann Goering was head of the German air force (Luftwaffe) in WWII. He was also commander of the Nazi underground monitoring services.

What Nazi organization had proof that Hermann Goering was a drug addict long before 1933?

The Gestopo

Who was second in power next to Hitler?

Hermann Goering was appointed Hitler's succesor on 1 Sept 1939.

Was Hermann Goering compos mentis?

This is the first time I've heard any suggestion that he was not compos mentis.

Who were the leaders who were involved in the battle of Britain?

Hermann Goering was the German commander and Hugh Dowding was the British commander.

Nazi air force commander during ww2?

Hermann Goering. Convicted at Nuremburg he committed suicide.