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Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the first Islam leader.

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Who is the first leader in islam?

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the first leader in Islam per Quran revelation by God to prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel (or Jibril).

Who is the leader for the Islam?

Holly Prophet Peace be upon him is the leader of Islam.

Who was the founding leader of Islam?

Muhammad is said to be the founding leader and prophet of Islam

Who is the original leader of islam?

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the original leader of Islam.

What is the muslims title for the highest leader of islam?

The highest leader of Islam is prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Who is Founding leader of Islam?

there is no leader but it was said to be Mario

Who was the founder or leader of Islam?

Prophet Muhammad was the founder of Islam.

Who is the leader of Islam?

The leader of Islam Is Muhammad.Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon Him) is the leader of Islam.Islam is not an organization. Thus we can't say who is the leader. Muslims believes in one god(Allah), and muhammed is the messenger of Allah and he is the one and only prophet Islam of this time.

Who were the leaders who spread Islam after Islam's death?

Islam is a religion not a spiritual leader. Islam is not dead.

Who was the leader of islam and where did it begin?

The leader of Islam is prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and started in Mecca (or Makkah) in Saudi Arabia.

Who is Malcolm X?

a Islam leader

Who was the leader Islam after Muhhammad?

The leader of Islam after prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is Abou Bakr Assedique (may God be pleased with him).

What is a leader of prayer in mosque?

The leader of a prayer in islam is called an imam.

Who is the current spiritual leader of Islam?

As far as I am aware Islam does not have a single spiritual leader, in the same way that Christianity has the Pope. Until the end of the Ottoman Empire (1918) the sultan of the Ottoman Empire was the de facto spiritual leader of Islam.

What do you call a leader in Islam?

The first Islam leader is prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) who conveyed God message to humanity and called people to Islam and conveyed to people the words of Quran as revealed to him by God. After prophet Muhammad death, Muslim leaders are called Caliphs, Imams, Sultans, Princes of believers. ...

Religious and political leader in Islam?

Caliph is the political and religious leader of Islam and has all the authorities but is limited to use them without consent of public.

Who was the original leader of the Islam religion?

The original leader of Islam religion per Quran revelation by God is prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

Islam leader is called?

Allah subhanallah wa ta'la is Rabb, meaning creator, master and our lord

Who is the leaders of Islam that refers to lead Islam after the death of Muhammad?

H. Abu Bakar sidique Ra the first caliph was leader of Muslims after death of Prophet Muhammad SAW.

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