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Did Karl Marx encourage industrial revolution?

No, he was concerned with social revolution.

Who was a German philosipher during industrial revolution?

Karl Marx

Where did Karl Marx predict a revolution of the proletariat would occur first?

industrial Europe

What ideas did Karl Marx express about the classes during the Industrial Revolution?

Karl Marx, the founder of communism, believed that it was unfair that the rich were getting rich off the workers that they abused and over worked.

Which headline would most likely have appeared in a pamphlet during the Industrial Revolution?

"Karl Marx Attacks Capitalism"

Why did Karl marx think things would change in the Industrial Revolution and why?

Marx did not think that the Industrial Revolution would change things, that was a s plain as day for anyone to see. Marx simply described how it changedthey way capitalism workedand what effects it had on agriculture and so forth.

Which written work criticized the capitalist system during the industrial revolution?

Communitst Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

Which of these historical figures was one of the first people to propose communism as a solution to the problems created by the industrial revolution?

Karl Marx

Who was Karl Marx and how did he become well known in the 1800s?

Karl Marx lecture on the social classes and the industral revolution.

Which of the following best summarizes the impact of the Industrial Revolution and the ideas of Karl Marx?

They fundamentally changed the way people lived and thought

What did Karl Marx encourage workers to do?

Start a revolution.

Who were the main leaders in the Russian revolution?

Karl Marx

Karl marx revolution is the only way to overthrow an unequal and unjust economic arrangement?

True. Marx was all about revolution.

What did Karl Marx believe about proletarian revolution?

Karl Marx believed that the Proletariat revolution is needed to over throw the Bourgeoisie class and for the proletarian class to gain the means of production.

How did Karl Marx and Andrew Carnegie differ in their opinions of the Industrial Revolution?

Carnegie believed that industrialization benefited entire societies, while Marx believed that it only benefited a small number of people.

Who is the foremost prophet of a working class revolution?

Karl Marx

Which historical figure was one of the first people to propose communism as a solution to the problems created by the Industrial Revolution?

Karl Marx. [APEX]

Why was Karl marx important during the Industrial Revolution?

He wasn't. The period usually recognised as being a part of the Industrial Revolution ended before Marx was engaged in politics, also Marx never became an influential figure in the revolutionary movement in Europe let alone outside of it until after he gained a degree of infamy after his support for the Paris Commune in 1871.

Where did the violent and bloody revolution predicted by marx occur?

Russia The violent and bloody revolution predicted by Karl Marx occurred in Russia.

Was Karl Marx a leader during the Russian revolution?

No, Karl Marx died before any of the three Russian Revolutions took place.

What is the industrial class of workers called according to Karl Marx?

Marx called the industrial class of workers the "proletariat." The workers themselves were called "proletarians."

Was Karl Marx a czar?

No. Karl Marx was a German political theorist, philosopher and historian. Czars were Russian rulers before the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Was Karl Marx an atheist?

Karl MarxYes, Karl Marx was an atheist.

Whose teachings were the basis of the Russian Revolution of 1917?

Karl marx

Whose teachings was the Russian Revolution of 1917 based on?

Karl Marx