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HeroLeonidas was the youngest of three children: Dorieus, Cleomenes (or Kleomenes) and Leonidas, so he was never expected to rise to the throne, therefore he took part in the agoge, the unique training of Sparta usually spared from the royal heirs. Dorieus was born after Cleomenes but was fully legitimate, Cleomenes dealt with him and gained the throne. He ruled successfully for many years before going mad and mutilating himself to death. Thus Leonidas beacame king much to his suprise. He didn't last long. With the impending attack of Xerxes force on the peloponese, Leonidas consulted the oracle and got the answer: 'either a king dies at the walls of Thermoplyae or Sparta falls' a no-brainer really. Leonidas couldn't take all his army as the ephors refused to allow him to interrupt Carniea, a festival to Apollo. Leonidas held out for three days at thrmopylae with 300 Spartans and a collection of men from thespia, Athens, thebes and however felt like helping numbering about 7000 in all. In the morning of the second day, Leonidas sent all but the Thebans home, but the Thespians stayed. He told them (as features in the feature film) to 'eat a full and hearty breakfast, for tonight we dine in Hades'.
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Q: Who was Leonidas of Sparta?
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Where is Leonidas from?


Where was Leonidas from?

Sparta, Greece

When was King Leonidas of Sparta born?

King Leonidas was born in 44 B.C.

Who was king Leonidas wife?

Gorgo, queen of Sparta, was King Leonidas' wife.

Where is king leonidas buried?

Sparta, Greece

What country was Leonidas born in?

The state of Sparta.

Who was Sparta's leader?

Leonidas was the leader of sparta.

Was leonidas married?

To Gorgo, Queen of Sparta

Leonidas was the king of?

Sparta in ancient Greece

When did Leonidas become king of Sparta?

in 490 B.C.

Who said for Sparta in the movie 300?

The Spartan King Leonidas said "This is Sparta!" in the movie 300…

What are facts about Leonidas?

Leonidas was the king of Sparta and he was famous for his sacrifice in the battle of Thermopylae. His name meant "lion-like"!

The Persian leader who fought against Leonidas and Sparta was?


Who was Pleistarchus?

son of Leonidas I ( king of sparta) and gorgo(his queen)

Who is the actor of the Sparta?

If you mean King Leonidas, Gerard Butler.

Why was king Leonidas king of Sparta?

cause he was freaking awesome

What city-state did Leonidas and his Spartans live in?


What leader fought with Sparta against the Persians?

King Leonidas

Who were the family members of King Leonidas of Sparta?

your mom bro

Who was the greek leader at the battle of thermopylae?

King Leonidas of Sparta.

Who was the king that died that was protecting Sparta from the Persians?

Leonidas was the leader who died defending Sparta and Athens from the Persians.

Who is the inventor of the bow and arrow?

King Kamehameha the great or Leonidas of Sparta

How long did Leonidas rule Sparta?

Around 12-13 years

Who was king leonides?

Its Leonidas, king of Sparta during the Persian wars.

Who is the king who died in a battle protecting Sparta from the Persian war?

Leonidas I, King of Sparta, is the king who died in a battle protecting Sparta from the Persian War.