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Tommy Aldridge - Plays on Speak of the Devil (1982) Bark at the Moon (1983)

Tribute (1987) Randy Castillo played from 1985-1993

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What is Ozzy osbornes religion?

He is Christian .

What is Ozzy Osbornes Net Worth?

29 million

What is Ozzy osbornes email address?

someone tell me!!!!!!!!!!

What is Ozzy osbornes middle name?

Ozzy Osbourne's real name is John Michael Osbourne, so his middle name is Michael.

What is Ozzy osbornes nickname?

Well I've noticed that people call him Ozzy that's all but i don't know for sure but he might not have a nickname at all

Why does Ozzy osbourne yell Sharon?

he really dosent in the osbornes they made him do that because they thought it would be funny he really does. the person above me is wrong (no offense)

What is Mary Pope Osbornes email address?

what is mary pope osbornes email address

Who was the drummer of Ozzy osbourne?

Bill Ward drummed for Ozzy during the Black Sabbath years. Lee Kerslake was on the first two solo albums. Tommy Aldridge took over until he was replaced by Randy Castillo.

Who is ozzie osbornes wife?

Sharon osborne

What is Adam Osborne's nationality?

adam osbornes nationality

Who is Mary pope osbornes dad?

william pope

Where does Christina Aguilera lives?

California osbornes old house

In hollyoaks what is the name of jack osbornes son?

Darren osbourne

What is Mary pope osbornes first book?

Run, Run Fast as You Can.

Who wrote Ozzy Osbourne's biography?

Ozzy Osbourne's autobiography "I Am Ozzy" was written by Ozzy Osbourne and Chris Ayres.

Who is Ozzy osbornes guitarist?

Blizzard of Ozz & Diary of a Madman - Randy Rhoads Bark at the Moon & The Ultimate Sin - Jake E. Lee No Rest for the Wicked, No More Tears, Ozzmosis, Down to Earth & Black Rain - Zakk Wylde Soul Sucka (pending, due in 2010) - Gus G

In the 1980s heavy metal music became popular and is represented by which bands?

Iron Maiden Ozzy Osbourne Quiet Riot Saxon Judas Priest Motorhead Motley Crue Slayer Metallica Skid Row

Does Ozzy have aids?

No Ozzy osbourne does not have aids..................

Who has more talent Ozzy or Dio?


On hollyoaks what is the name of Nancy's sister?

Nancy Osbornes dead sister was called Becca

Where does Ozzy live?

Ozzy Live's in Oakland Calafornia

Who plays Ozzy in Ozzy and drix?

chris rock

What is Ozzy Osbourn's realigon?

Ozzy Osbourne is a Christian .

How much is Ozzy ossbourne worth?


Who sold more albums maiden or Ozzy?


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