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Plato was one of the early stars of Western philosophy. The son of an aristocrat, he studied under the great Greek thinker, Socrates. After years of travel and study, Plato founded the Academy in his native Athens in 387 B.C.; it became a famous hotbed of philosophical and scientific discussion, and is regarded by many as the first known university in the world. Plato's writings mostly take the form of dialogues, or "dialectics," in which knowledge is revealed as two characters ask and answer questions of each other. (Socrates was often one of the characters.) Plato's text The Republic, in which he lays out his ideas on the perfect state, remains a staple of college reading lists around the world.
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Who is Plato?

Plato was an ancient Athenian leader. Plato rejected democracy and instead, argued that the state should regulate every aspect of its citizens' lives to provide for their best interests.

Who was Plato?

Plato was a student of Socrates who carried Socrates work. He founded the world's first university, called the Academy. He wrote down his teachings, and people all over the world study him today. He is also the father of political science. He later went on to teach Aristotle.

What was Plato known for?

His innovative thinking and his literature such as Plato's Republic. his most famous story is the allegory of the cave (from republic)

Who is Plato of Atlantis?

he was a Greek scientist and believed that Atlantis was a natural Paradise with natural disasters

Who did Plato influence?

A simple question at first sight, though a very fundamentalphilosphical question once examined. Plato starts his quest for knowledge by asking: what issubstantial, what is real in things, what is "ontoos on". He comesto the conclusion that what we see with our eyes is not 'real';every single thing i ( Full Answer )

What is Plato famous for?

Plato was the student of Socrates and Aristotle's mentor, the three being called the "Big Three" and the Fathers of Western Philosophy. Plato is attributed with recording the majority of Socrates' works and introduced numerous philosophical concepts, such as Platonism and the Theory of Forms.

Why did Plato die?

Plato was a Greek Philosopher and Mathematician. He was Socratesstudent and formed the first institute of higher learning inwestern world called The Academy in Athens. According to mostaccounts Plato died of old age (80 years old) in his sleep.

Who was Plato and Aristotle?

Plato and Aristotle were two Greek philosophers. Plato taughtAristotle. Plato focused on a reality of "forms". Reality is inanother "form", which represents the "form of the good", thegreatest form. Mind is over matter (idealism). Aristotle, studentof Plato believed in reality of experience (aproste ( Full Answer )

Why was Plato famous?

Plato was one of the most influential philosophical minds to have ever existed, alongside his mentor (Socrates) and pupil (Aristotle). He is the second of "The Big Three" and considered to be one of the Fathers of Western Philosophy . Essentially, Plato is one of the key, defining figures of all We ( Full Answer )

Why is Plato famous?

he's famous for his founding of the Academy and for naming the 5 polyhedra after the elements of the universe

What did Plato contribute to ancient Greece?

Plato believed in the perfection of the heavens which, pretty much, laid the foundation for all ancient Greeks. He believed that, because the sphere is the most perfect shape, the entire universe must be made of spheres that all rotated around the stationary earth. His theory included seven crystall ( Full Answer )

What did Plato teach?

The easy answer to this question would obviously be philosophy. But the word 'teach' in this question is vague, so I will highlight the content of Plato's philosophy. Plato wrote a series of short works, the most important of which are The Republic, Parmenides, Meno, and Symposium . The Repub ( Full Answer )

What were the philosophies of Plato?

Answer . Plato believed that humans could not be trusted. . That people were born evil. . He believed that rulers were not chosen for their ability to rule . . He also believed that only educated Kings could be trusted to govern. .

Contribution of Plato?

Plato's main contributions were in philosophy, mathematics and thesciences. Plato founded an academy in Athens in 387 BCE, where heresearched and instructed others in philosophy and mathematics. Histeachings were carried on through his pupils.

What did Plato say?

Plato said though out the history there have been people whojustify slavery many of them did so purley out of selfintrest

What did Plato study?

He was intrested in Rhetoric(Public Speaking), Art, Literature, Epistemology(Philosophy), Justice, Virtue, Politics, Education, Family, And Militarisim.

What is Plato to Aristotle?

Plato is Aristotle's teacher/mentor and friend. In ancient Greece the teacher/mentor role lasts for most of the students life and includes all subjects from art to science to philosophy to how to act and think.

Did Plato have children?

No. Plato never had any children, nor did he marry. In fact, it has been posited that he may have been homosexual, a common and widely accepted sexual orientation during Athenian times.

What did Socrates and Plato do?

Both Socrates and Plato are considered two of the "Big Three," also known as the Fathers of Western Philosophy. Combined, they developed the majority of Western philosophy, most specifically in the fields of ethics, epistemology, and logic.

Who were Socrates and Plato?

Socrates and Plato are considered two of the founding fathers of western philosophy, alongside Plato's student, Aristotle. They were two of the most influential and brilliant human beings to have ever lived. Refer to the related links below for more information on this topic.

What were the accomplishments of Plato?

ounder of the Academy in Athens c. 387 B.C. . Wrote 26 dialogues . Wrote The Republic , his most important dialouge . classical mathemitician .

What is Platos closet?

Platos Closet is a store that you can shop at or turn in your old gently used clothing for money:) its a great store ive gotten abercombie jeans for $5 dollars once and they were cute!

How do you cheat on Plato?

You know how you have to do the tutorial before you take your mastery test, well make sure you finish that with right answers and keep that page up, the bring up the mastery test up with a different page... the questions on the mastery test are the same on the tutorial. So go through and find the an ( Full Answer )

Why is Plato rembered for?

He is most remebered for his philosophy and for finding one of the first schools called the Academy.

Was Plato fat?

The name Plato was a nickname, the word translates into broad. This name was given to him by his wrestling coach. Some people take this to mean he was fat, some people take to to mean he had a wide frame. It's just funnier and more interesting to say he was fat, but since he took wrestling seriousl ( Full Answer )

Where did Plato study?

Plato was a mathematician, writer, and philosopher in ClassicalGreece. He did much of studying in areas of western civilization.

What did Plato do to Socrates?

Plato was the student and philosophical pupil of Socrates. Plato learned philosophy from him, most notably in logic and epistemology.

How do you spell platoe?

The common noun, a raised flat area of land, is spelled plateau . The proper noun is spelled Plato , a Greek philosopher and student of Socrates. The artificial modeling clay sold by Hasbro Toys is spelled Play-Doh.

Plato wanted to banish poets from ancient Greece because he thought they would?

Plato wanted to banish poets from Greece because he believed thatpoets had no intellectual utility, rather they played with theaudeince's lower part of the mind which dealt with emotions. Platobelieved that emotions had a negative effect on the men of Greece.This is a very elementary answer. Plato's ( Full Answer )

What is an fact about Plato?

Plato never married, nor did he have any children. There are speculations that Plato was homosexual, an orientation common and largely accepted in Ancient Greece, especially in Athens.

What was Socrates to Plato?

Socrates was Plato's Teacher. Plato was Socrates' most prized student. After Socrates' death, Plato began to write accounts of Socrates' dialogues. (sorry for the basic answer, i don't know how much detail you wanted). ~element

Who was Plato and what did he do?

Plato was a Greek philosopher, considered to be one of the greatest mindsto have ever existed. He is one of "The Big Three," or the threeFathers of Western Philosophy, alongside his teacher (Socrates) andstudent (Aristotle). They aided in the development of mostphilosophical concepts and theories ( Full Answer )

Who was influenced by Plato?

Aristotle, Xenophon, St. Augustine, Neo-Platonists in the 3rd century CE, Iris Murdoch in modern times...themes and ideas in his dialogues permeate so much of western thought.

What did the Plato do?

Plato was a philosopher, writer, and teacher. He wrote about what life was about and he often used allegories for teaching.

What is the name of Plato?

There are numerous theories as to Plato's name. One is that his name was originally Aristocles. He may have been called Platon meaning 'broad', either because of his broad forehead which showed while wrestling, or because of his eloquence across a broad array of topics. Other historians argue that h ( Full Answer )

What was Plato intelligence?

Ideas and Contributions Plato was born into a wealth Athenian family and planned to become a politician. As he grew older, he became repulsed by the brutal and unethical practices of Athenian dictators. In 399 B.C.E. he left Athens when his friend Socrates was sentenced to death. Twelve years la ( Full Answer )

What did Plato have to do with Atlantis?

Plato never set foot on Atlantis. Most scholars believe that Plato recalled the story from records of the past. Plato even claims in the Critias that the records of the incident were translated and given to Solon, the famous Athenian law-maker, from Egyptian hieroglyphs to Greek. The majority of the ( Full Answer )

How was Plato remembered?

probably best remembered for his theory of the forms and the allegory of the cave :)

What did Socrates do to Plato?

Socrates was the mentor and philosophical teacher of Plato. He educated Plato in philosophy, most notably in logic and epistemology.

How do you know about Plato?

Most people learn about Plato through studying and researching him, along with his mentor (Socrates) and his student (Aristotle).

What was Plato famous or?

He was famous for being one of the greatest philosiphers. He was also famous for founding one of the earliest schools in western civilization.

Why was Plato considered one of the seven wise men of Greece?

he was one of the smartest men alive in his time. He was a student of Socrates and a teacher of Aristotle. He taught Sicily's ruler Dionysus the younger. Plato taught philosophy, logic, ethics, rhetorics, mathematics religion and biology. he traveled often to learn more and spread his teachings,

Was Plato an agnostic?

No- he believed that the material world was a pale example of whatParadise is like. That we experience lovely and profound things andsee great beauty all around us, but that this is just a pale shadowof the Eternal and Immortal world. He also believed that we haveimmortal souls.

Who married Plato?

Another contributor said: This is unclear - there are various answers with no absolute confirmation, but at a time he must have had, at least, a partner, as he did have children.