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Who was Plato of Greece?

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Plato was one of the early stars of Western philosophy. The son of an aristocrat, he studied under the great Greek thinker, Socrates. After years of travel and study, Plato founded the Academy in his native Athens in 387 B.C.; it became a famous hotbed of philosophical and scientific discussion, and is regarded by many as the first known university in the world. Plato's writings mostly take the form of dialogues, or "dialectics," in which knowledge is revealed as two characters ask and answer questions of each other. (Socrates was often one of the characters.) Plato's text The Republic, in which he lays out his ideas on the perfect state, remains a staple of college reading lists around the world.

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What country is the Plato Academy in?

The Plato Academy Is in Greece

Where and when did Plato die?

Plato was born on 427 BC in Athens Greece and he died on347 BC in Athens Greece

What country did Plato do his work in?


Where did greek Plato live?

famous greek Plato lived in Greece with the Athens.

Who was both scientist and a philosopher in Greece?


Who formed the Academy in ancient Greece?


Did Plato grow up in Greece?

Yes, he grew up in Athens, Greece

What was Plato known for writing?

Mainly, Plato was known for writing about science and philosophy in ancient Greece.

Who is a famous philosopher of ancient Greece?

Socrates, Plato,and Aristotle were philosephers in ancient greece

Where did Plato travel to?

in Athens Greece then Paris and then Egypt

Who in ancient greece was sentenced to death for his teachings?


What were the main Greece philosophers?

socrates, plato, and aristotle

Where and when was Plato born?

Plato, the classical Greek philosopher born in the year 427 BC in Athens, Greece.

What society did Plato belong to?

Plato was a philosophical scholar from democratically-ruled Athens, a part of Ancient Greece.

Where did Plato study?

Plato was a mathematician, writer, and philosopher in Classical Greece. He did much of studying in areas of western civilization.

What did Plato in ancient Greece do?

invented a school for the first time

Where did Plato grow up?

he grew up in Athens, Greece.

What are famous people from Greece?

plato, socrates, homer etc..

What is an fact about Plato?

Plato never married, nor did he have any children. There are speculations that Plato was homosexual, an orientation common and largely accepted in Ancient Greece, especially in Athens.

About the ancient famous people who came from Athens Greece?

Socrates and Plato are both philosophers that originated in Athens, Greece.

When and where did Plato live?

He lived in Athens, Greece around 300 BC.

Key figures of ancient Greece?

plato, aristotle, socrates, homer

Were did the man Plato grow up?

he grew up in ancient Greece

Why do you think Plato left Greece in 399 BC?

because he was tired

What are three important philosophers of ancient Greece?

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle