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Who was Plutarch?



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Plutarch was a greek scholar from Chaeronea in Boetia living in the early roman imperial period his date of birth is sometime in the 40's AD. He studied mathamatics and Philophy in Athens but lived most of his life in Chaeronea. He took positions in local magistaries as well as serving as a temple preist at the nearby (around 20 miles) sanctuary of Apollo in delphi. He wrote works on a varity of matters mainly philiophical and moral, but is best known for his parallel lives, a work that comprises of paired biographies of famous Greeks and Romans arranged together so that each greek life compliments its roman companion. After these biographies he wrote a short comaprison of his two subjects. Included in these biographies were ones of mytholoical figures such as Hercules and Romulus. The works have a daedactic and moralising purpose of diplaying virtue in the lives of his subjects and are intended to teach a reader how to attain virtue in their own life. He became famous in the roman empire for these works and people would visit him in Chaeronea from across the roman world for interlectual conversation. Some of these conversations were recorded in his work Table Talk. Due to his choice of subject matter and the period in which he was writing he falls into the litteray genre of the Second Sophistic. (I appologise for the spelling errors in this answer)