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President Kennedy was the president

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Created Green Berets & SEALS, and sent them to Vietnam .

It was president Richard Nixon who finally pulled all U.S troops from Vietnam.

Hồ Chí Minh (North Vietnam) and Ngô Đình Diệm (South Vietnam).

No, but he did send in advisors, which help escallate the conflict.

When wrold war2 began ,Vietnam was a colony of

The Korean War began while Truman was the president.

Lyndon B. Johnson was the president who greatly escalated US involvement the conflict in Vietnam. He sent some 500,000 US troops there.

President Johnson used the gulf of tonkin incident to further his goals in the vietnam conflict by creating a buzz and hysteria through the country about terrorism and anti forces.

The big external conflict during the second half of the 20th century was the Vietnam War. The Vietnam Ware began in December of 1956 and ended in April of 1975.

The armies of North Vietnam forced the US to give up on the Vietnam War. A treaty formally ending the conflict was signed when Richard Nixon was the US president. The war was started from the US side by President Kennedy and enlarged under President Johnson.

He bombed Cambodia. He was president at the time of the war.

About 51000 Americans died in the Vietnam conflict.

The war began when President Eisenhower sent US Advisers to Vietnam in 1955; however most historians consider the starting date of the war to be 1961, when President Kennedy sent the Special Forces (Green Beret) to Vietnam.

Upon ascension to office as the US president, Nixon began, and promptly completed, the US withdrawal from Vietnam.

Kennedy sent military "advisers' to Vietnam. Johnson escalated the US involvement into a full scale war.

Truman helped the French in their war; he was out of office when the American War began...Eisenhower began that portion in '55.

The Vietnam conflict was never officially a war. Congress authorized the money and troop build-up needed to prosecute it.

The US is NOT at war with Iraq. The US was at war with North Vietnam.

What is the name of the president of Vietnam?

US: Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford. S. Viet: Diem, Thieu.

No, it is officially termed the "Vietnam Conflict." Answer The US president went to war using his "constitutional discretion" calling ti a "police action". Correct, Only Congress can draw up the Article of War. In the Archives of the DOD Vietnam is listed as "an armed conflict" Since Congress never drew up such article of war Vietnam was only by Definition an conflict. Only congress has this power as a means of checks and balances. Yes the President can do such action as mobilize military into an area of conflict but for "WAR" to be declared Congress is the only one who can draw up such an article.

Explain how the United States became involved in the Vietnam conflict.

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