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Their Majesties

King George VI

Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

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Q: Who was Queen Elizabeth's father?
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Who was the Queen Elizabeths's father?

the docter was queen elizabeths's dad

Who was Queen Elizabeths father?

If you mean Queen Elizabeth II, her father was King George VI

Who is Queen Elizabeths father?

Queen Elizabeth II's father was King George VI.Queen Elizabth I's father was King Henry VIII.

What was queen elizabeths 11 father called?

george VI

Was king george the vi queen elizabeths father?


Who the father of Queen Elizabeths son?

Queen Elizabeth I did not have any children. Queen Elizabeth II has three sons, by her husband, HRH Prince Phillip.

Who is Queen Elizabeths husband?

queen elizabeths husband is prince phillip

What colour was Queen Elizabeths eyes?

Queen Elizabeths II Eyes are Green

What was the name of Queen Elizabeths half sisters?

Queen Elizabeths half sister was name Mary

Who was the father of Queen Elizabeth?

There have been two Queen Elizabeths in English and British history. Take your pick from the related questions below.

What year did Queen Elizabeths father die?

1952 They had gone to Africa on honeymoon, she was a princess and came back as a queen.

Who was Queen Elizabeths II father?

HM Queen Elizabeth's father was King George VI(Bertie) who acceded the thrown after his brother King Edward VIII abdicated to marry Wallis Simpson a twice divorced american.

Who was elizabeths the 1st dad?

who is elizabeths 1st father

Why do people think that Queen Mary of Scots was 1st cousin to elizabeth the first when in fact they have the same father king Henry the 8th which made the 2 queens half sisters?

No !! Mary Queen of Scots & Elizabeth do not have the same father ! Elizabeths 1/2 sister is Mary Tudor, Queen Mary I. Mary Queen of Scots is Mary Stuart, mother of James VI of Scotland, James I of England. She is Elizabeths cousin not her half sister. Mary I is Elizabeths 1/2 sister. Mary I & Mary, Queen of Scots are two (2) different people !

What year was Queen Elizabeths father born?

YES you are corect from lord suger

How many wives did Queen Elizabeth I's father have?

6 wives and Elizabeths mother was the second one, anne boleyn

Did Queen Elizabeth's father die?

There are many Queen Elizabeths. Assuming you are talking about the current queen of the United Kingdom: * Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom's father was George VI of the United Kingdom, who died on 6 February 1952.

What relationship is the queen to queen Victoria?

Queen Victoria is queen elizabeths great great grandmother

Queen Elizabeths religion?

Queen Elizabeth I was Anglican.

NIckname of Queen Elizabeths Mother?

The Queen Mum

What is the name of Queen Elizabeths mother?

Queen Elizabeth

What college did Queen Elizabeth 1 go to?

Queen Elizabeth in fact did not go to college. Which is unusual at the time because of the burst of education. She was home schooled most likely by servants but i wouldnt count on that to be the right answer. since her father was King Henry VII she didn't go to college or a university. Her mother wasn't a queen because Elizabeths father had Elizabeths mother and uncle beheaded. Hope this helped!

Who was queen Elizabeths husband?

* *

What was queen Elizabeths religion?

Queen Elizabeth I was an Anglican and a member of the church her father Henry VIII founded. The nation was still in turmoil over the change from Roman Catholicism to Anglicanism.

What was Queen Elizabeths I parents jobs?

Her father was a systems analyst and her mother worked in a call centre before quitting to become a housewife.