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Q: Who was Richard III brother?
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Who was Clarence in Richard III?

George of Clarence was Richard's elder brother.

What was Richard III brother called?


How many people did Richard III kill in shakespear's Richard III?

Richard killed 5 one his brother and 4&5 was the two brothers in the tower

Who did Richard III murder?

Richard III may have murdered his nephews, Edward V and Prince Richard but this has not been proven

What did Richard III's brother drown in?

Tradition says a barrel of Malmsey wine.

Why did Richard III kill his brother?

He did not kill his brothers. He might have killed his nephews, but that is not certain.

Who is the king in the opening act in Richard the third?

Richard III's eldest brother, Edward IV, Father of the Princes in the Tower.

What is the first prophecy mentioned in the play 'Richard III'?

act one scene one, Richard sets a prophecy on his brother clarence (1.1.33)

Was Richard III a fruad?

yes... he killed his nephews. Although I'll agree it is likely that he arranged to have his nephews murdered, Richard III was responding to family like all his family had for the last few decades over the wars of the Roses. Richard's brother, Edward IV had his other brother the Duke of Clarence murdered as well. Richard III still had a legitimate claim to the throne far above Henry VII.

What happened to Edward V and his younger brother?

Edward and his brother were imprisoned in the Tower of London by Richard of Gloucester (Richard III). After that, it is unknown what happened to them. Contrary to popular belief, two children's skeletons found in the tower were not the king and his brother.

What are the names of the princes in the tower?

Edward (the heir to the throne) and his younger brother, Richard of Shrewsbury, 1st Duke of York. By the way, they were not murdered by Richard III.

How old was Richard III when he died?

Richard III was 32 when he died

Is King Richard the III evil?

There is no such thing as true evil in real people, although Shakespeare's portrayal of him would certainly have people thinking that. Richard III had been brought up in a society where family members killed family members and all the Plantagenets had to be on their guard. His older brother Edward had arranged for their other brother the Duke of Clarence to be killed so Richard III was not the first in his generation of brothers to arrange for another family member's murder. It is true that Richard III got swept away with ambition and that was his major downfall. But prior to his brother's death Richard was well liked particularly in the north of England and a popular soldier.

Was Richard III accused of killing two princes?

In a word, yes. He is supposed to have killed his nephews Edward and Richard, sons of his brother King Edward IV.

When was Richard III crowned?

Richard III was coronated on6 July 1483.

When did Richard III of Capua die?

Richard III of Capua died in 1120.

When was Richard III released?

Richard III was released on 12/29/1995.

What was the Production Budget for Richard III?

The Production Budget for Richard III was $9,200,000.

How did the Christian Crusaders lose the Holy Land?

Harold, King Richard III's brother, tried to take the throne (or did, i cannot remember) and Richard had to leave to stop his brother, thus, the land was left for Saladin's taking.

Why did Shakespeare make Richard III evil to please Queen Elizabeth?

Because Richard III fought a battle with Elizabeth's grandfather, Henry Tudor, in which Richard was killed (the Battle of Bosworth) and Henry took the crown as Henry VII. Richard was supposed to have been responsible for murdering the boy King Edward V and his little brother - the so-called Princes In The Tower. (Young Edward and his brother were the brothers of Elizabeth of York, Henry VII's wife). Therefore the Tudors hated Richard III and would be pleased with any propaganda against him. Shakespeare's play Richard III, helped to give Richard a bad name!

Does Richard and elizabeth marry in Richard III?


How tall is Richard Lee Ferguson III?

Richard Lee Ferguson III is 6'.

Was Richard III a Yorkist or Lancastrian?

Richard III was a Yorkist and was defeated by Henry Tudor who was a lancastrian

When was King Richard III born?

king Richard the III was born in 1452 on the 2nd of October

When was David Garrick as Richard III created?

David Garrick as Richard III was created in 1745.