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Who was Sally Hemings?

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Sally Hemings was a slave who was owned by Thomas Jefferson. There is DNA evidence that either Thomas Jefferson or a close relative of Jefferson had children with her.

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How did Sally Hemings die?

sally hemings died because her friend stabbed her

What is Sally hemings occupation and life?

Sally Hemings was one of Thomas Jefferson's slaves, the one he had a long intimate relationship with.

Is Sally hemings African American?


How many kids does sally hemings have?

Did Sally Hemings go to school?


Why did jefferson seek Sally Hemings out for relations after the passing of Martha jefferson?

It is possible that Jefferson sought out Sally Hemings for relations after the passing of Martha Jefferson because he was lonely.

What was the age difference between Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings?

They think Sally Hemings was 61-62 years old. Their age difference could be 22-23 years.

What are the release dates for Biography - 1987 Sally Hemings Redefining History?

Biography - 1987 Sally Hemings Redefining History was released on: USA: 26 October 2000

Thomas Jefferson was responsible for the beginning of the?

children of Sally Hemings.

Where is the proof that Thomas Jefferson had fathered any children of Sally Hemings?

The proof that Thomas Jefferson had fathered any children with Sally Hemings is the result of a DNA test that tested descendants of both people.

What was the extent of jefferson and hemings relationship together?

The extent of Jefferson and Sally Hemings relationship is well known to have included them having several children together.

What happened when Thomas Jefferson met Sally Hemings?

Six children happened.

Did thomas Jefferson have kids with sally hemings?

yes he did he had 6 but only 2 survived

How many kids did Thomas Jefferson have by sally hemings?

6 but only 4 survived.

When did hiatory finally accept the fact that jefferson was in deed the illegitimate father of some of Sally Hemings children?

History finally accepted that Jefferson was indeed the illegitimate father of Sally Hemings' children when a DNA test proved there was a genetic between the two families.

What was sally hemings first job?

She was to accompany Thomas Jefferson's daughter to France and be a nursemaid to his daughter while she was there.

How did sally hemings know how to read and write?

why are you asking us use your brain i am not being rood but the answer is yesyesyes

What would Thomas Jefferson do every morning?

Look at Sally Hemings' buns and admire her from behind his bifocals.

Who was the mother of Thomas Jefferson's illegitamate kids?

Sally Hemings - Jefferson's slave and his wife's half sister

What was Thomas Jefferson relationship with slaves?

he had several kids with Sally Hemings[his slave] and made them [the mixed kids] his slaves

What U.S. President fathered five children from one of his slaves?

Thomas Jefferson is alleged to have fathered Sally Hemings six children. The first of the children died in infancy. Sally Hemings is said to have been the half-sister of Jefferson's deceased wife, Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson. DNA evidence connects the Jefferson line to the Hemings line, but does not conclusively prove that Thomas Jefferson was their father. It is said, however, that because Jeffereson kept Sally Hemings as his concubine, it is unlikely that he was not their father. You need links to follow up on this. And because this is WikiAnswers, you got em. We're linking you to the relevant Wikipedia articles.

Who was the mother of Thomas Jefferson's children?

Sally Hemings!! A slave who loved him so much she gave up her own freedom for him!! WOW!!

Did Thomas Jefferson have 19 wifes and 28 kids?

he had six kids with his wife Martha Jefferson, eight kids with Sally Hemings,

Where was Sally Hemings buried?

I believe she was burried in Madison Wisconsin in Ressurection Cemetary on Speedway road. I am trying to find out if I am remembering this correctly.

What dose thomas Jefferson a lover?

His slave Sally Hemings had 6 six of his children,. Not so sure she was a “lover” since she was a slave.