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Who was Stephen F Austin?

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He is known as the 'father of Texas'. See the Related Link below for information on him. He was one of the prominent leaders of the American settlers He is know to be the most successful empresario ever and greatly contributed to the colonization of Texas. He was also elected president of the convention of 1832. However, when voting came for the first president of Texas, he lost to Sam Houston by a landslide.

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Is Moses Austin the brother of Stephen F Austin?

Moses Austin and Stephen F. Austin were not brothers. Stephen F. Austin was Mose's Austin son.

What does the F stand for in Stephen F Austin?

Stephen Fuller Austin

What does the inital f stand for in Stephen f. Austin?

Stephen Fuller Austin

Stephen F Austin was known as the?

stephen f austin was known as the ''father of texas''

When did Stephen f Austin die?

December 27, 1836 was when Stephen f Austin died.

Did Stephen F. Austin have a wife?

Stephen F. Austin never married or had children.

Stephen F Austin at the Battle of the Alamo?

Stephen F. Austin was not there during the battle of the Alamo.

Why is Stephen f Austin famous?

Stephen F. Austin is famous because of his dad Moses Austin. He is the Father Of Texas.

Was Stephen F Austin in the Alamo?

Stephen F. Austin did not fight in the Alamo, and he died in 1836 of pneumonia. Stephen F. Austin was in prison during both battles in San Antonio.

What did Stephen f Austin do in April 1833?

In April of 1833, Stephen F. Austin traveled to Mexico

What was the sexual orientation of Stephen F Austin?

Nothing is known about the sexual orientation of Stephen F Austin.

When was Stephen F. Austin born?

Stephen F. Austin was born on November 3, 1793.

Was Stephen F Austin a Texan?

Yes. Stephen F. Austin dealed with Mexico, although he was a Texan.

What state capital was named after Stephen F Austin?

Texas was named after Stephen F .Austin that's why the Texas capital is Austin Texas

What is Stephen F Austin famous for?

Stephen F Austin was famous for successfully colonizing Texas with American citizens.

What did Stephen f Austin do in Mexico City in 1833?

What happened to the bank when Stephen F Austin went to Mexico

What cemetery was Stephen f Austin buried at?

The Tomb of Stephen F. Austin is located in Gulf Prairie Cemetery.

Where in Austin was Stephen F Austin buried?


What battle was Stephen F Austin in?

stephen f. austin wasnt in any battles CAUSE HE'S A STINKIN COWARD

What conference is Stephen F. Austin in?

Stephen F. Austin State University is a Division I school in the Southland Conference.

When was Stephen F. Austin Elementary School created?

Stephen F. Austin Elementary School was created in 1914.

When did Stephen F. Austin die?

Stephen F. Austin died on December 27, 1836 at the age of 43.

When was Stephen F. Austin State University created?

Stephen F. Austin State University was created in 1921.

What phrase did sam Houston describe Stephen f Austin?

What phrase did Sam Houston describe Stephen F. Austin

What does the f mean in Stephen f Austin?