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Stonewall Jackson was a leading Confederate general during the Civil War.

He was loved by his staff and men and was a devout Christian, proven by the fact that he would report all of his victories by starting with "By God's grace.."

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Lieutenant-General Thomas Jonathan Jackson was a corps commander in the General Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.

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Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was one of Confederate General Robert E. Lee's favorite Generals. Jackson proved himself to be an excellent general.

Stonewall Jackson was one of the leading generals for the Confederacy in the US Civil War. His nickname of Stonewall was based on his performance in the first Battle of Bull Run. Jackson did in 1863 after the Battle of Chancellorsville by friendly fire.

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Q: Who was Stonewall Jackson?
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Is Stonewall Jackson single?

No, Stonewall Jackson is not single.

What was general Jackson nicknamed?

STONEWALL JACKSON his nickname was Stonewall Jackson

When was Stonewall Jackson born?

Stonewall Jackson was born on January 21, 1824

Who is stonewall?

Stonewall was Thomas Jackson.

Who's nickname is Stonewall?

Thomas Jackson was called "Stonewall" Jackson.

When was Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson born?

Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson was born on January 21, 1824.

How tall was general stonewall Jackson?

Stonewall jackson was a tall man. He was about 6'3.

Was Stonewall Jackson in the Feeral or Condfederate Army?

Stonewall Jackson was a Confederate General.

When was Stonewall Jackson Hotel created?

Stonewall Jackson Hotel was created in 1924.

When was Stonewall Jackson House created?

Stonewall Jackson House was created in 1802.

Who was related to Stonewall Jackson?

not the country singer stonewall Jackson

What confederate general died of his wounds at chancellorsville?

Stonewall Jackson

What was Stonewall Jackson nickname?

Stonewall was his nickname.

Who was given the nickname 'Stonewall'?

'Stonewall' was a nickname given to Thomas Stonewall Jackson.

Why was Andrew Jackson's nickname Stonewall Jackson?

It was not Andrew Jackson who's name was Stonewall, but it is Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, the Confederate general in the American Civil War. He is called Stonewall because he organized the combat unit, the "Stonewall Brigade." And, he stood strong as a stonewall.

When was General Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson born?

Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson was born on January 21, 1824 to Jonathan and Julia Jackson.

When is stonewall Jackson birthday?

Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was born on January 21, 1824

In what town did Stonewall Jackson die?

Stonewall Jackson died in Guinea Station, Virginia.

When was CSS Stonewall Jackson created?

CSS Stonewall Jackson was created in 1862-03.

When did Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson die?

Thomas 'Stonewall' Jackson died on May 10, 1863 at the age of 39.

What was stonewall Jackson's religion?

Stonewall Jackson was a christian

Who was named stonewall?

Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson

Where is General Stonewall Jackson buried?

Stonewall Jackson memorial cemetary, Lexington City, VA

When did Stonewall Jackson die?

Stonewall Jackson died on May 10,1863 at 3:15 in the afternoon

Where did Stonewall Jackson lose his arm?

Stonewall Jackson had his left arm amputated at the Battle of Chancellorsville.