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Who was Susan Carver?


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She was George Washington Carvers wife and the name of his mother.


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Yes. He had a girl and her name was Susan Carver.

He was born in the carver family. the carver family owned his parents and him. he had 2 sisters(name unknown) and a brother named jim. in the carver family was Moses Carver and his wife Susan Carver.

She probably was, but at the same time she was very proud of him.

Mary and Giles Carver where his parents but theier owners where Susan and Moses Carver

George Washington Carver was married to Cynthia Oletha James. His parents were Moses Carver and Susan Carver. George Washington Carver had two sisters(unknown names) and a brother named Jim

His mom's name was Susan liar

Yes, he was. He and his brother were returned to their Master, Moses Carver. After slavery was abolished, George and his older brother James were raised by Moses and Susan Carver, as their own children.

Mary. She was kidnapped and then the Carvers raised him. Their names were Moses and Susan Carver.

George Washington Carver was born into slavery. His parents, Mary and Giles, were purchased by George's master, Moses Carver, for $700 (a princely sum at that time). Later his parents were stolen. After slavery was abolished, Moses Carver and his wife Susan raised George as their own child.

George Washington Carver was born as a slave. His parents were named Mary and Giles. After the Civil War, his former masters Moses and Susan Carver raised George and taught him to read and write.

No, George Washington Carver did not have children, and never married. (Susan Carver raised George and his brother as her own children, along with her husband, Moses Carver. Moses and Susan were also the former slave owners of George's parents.) It is very likely that George Washington Carver was gay, as he is often a featured icon in the LBTG community. Also, while a Professor at Tuskegee Institute, there were rumors that he may have been gay. He never dated or showed interest in any females, on or off campus (He resided on the Institutes's campus.). He also became very close to a another male scientist-Austin W. Curtis, Jr, at Tuskegee Institute, and began a professional partnership with Curtis, and Carver willed his assets to Curtis, after his death.

carver was 70 when he died carver was 70 when he died

James Carver was older than his brother George Washington Carver

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