Who was Ted Bundy and does he have anything to do with Peg Bundy?

Theodore (Ted) Bundy was a notorious serial killer whom started his career as a murderer in Washington state, where he spent most of his childhood years. Bundy went on to kill in at least five other states and made two jailhouse escapes that spoke of his intelligent, cunning mind. Finally caught after attacking numerous women, killing three of them in Florida, he spent the next dozen years on Florida's death row. In January 1989 Bundy lost his own life in the electric chair. Toward the end of his life Bundy tried to make deals with various police agencies in an attempt to delay his date with 'Old Sparky'. Florida was having none of it. The execution went off as planned. The man that so callously ended the life of so many women had to be helped to the electric chair due to weakness in his knees at the prospect of losing his own life.

Peg Bundy is a character in the TV series Married with Children. The Peg Bundy character was completely unrelated to Ted Bundy.