Who was Tony Lema?

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Tony Lema (1933-1966) had a witty and good natured disposition. Tony started his PGA career in 1959. Tony won his first "official" PGA event in late 1962, when he defeated Bob Rosburg in a playoff for the Orange County Invitational. It was here that Tony established his famous nickname, by serving champagne to the press instead of the tradional beer, as was the custom back then. Prior to winning for the first time, Tony struggled with his swing and a sometimes mecurial temperment. Later known on the circuit as "Champagne Tony", Lema was remembered for his easy going manner, at least when he was in a good mood. Many of his fans and even many fellow pros always believed in his potential. With the help and encouragment of several of his fellow tour pros, Tony slowly worked his way into the winner's circle. In the seven years that followed, Lema won 10 events, including two Buick Opens and the 1964 British Open at Royal Saint Andrews, that one major win on his first visit there. The effort made Tony the first American since Ben Hogan (1953) to win The British Open on a first attempt. The British Open win was a crowning achievement in a career tragically cut short two years later at the young age of 32. Tony died on his way to an exhibition match in Chicago, to be held right after the 1966 PGA Championship in Akron, Ohio. He and his wife of only three years both lost their lives, when unbelievably their chartered light plane ran out of fuel, and in a stroke of irony, actually crashed on a golf course! Answer In 1959 I started following Jack Nicklaus at Ohio State. Jack turned pro in 1962 and I followed everything he did. He was my super-hero. And the one man that I feared the most was "Tony Lema".

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Q: Who was Tony Lema?
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When was Tony Lema born?

Tony Lema was born on February 25, 1934.

What is the birth name of Tony Lema?

Tony Lema's birth name is Anthony David Lema.

When did Tony Lema die?

Tony Lema died on July 24, 1966 at the age of 32.

How old was Tony Lema at death?

Tony Lema died on July 24, 1966 at the age of 32.

How old is Tony Lema?

Tony Lema was born on February 25, 1934 and died on July 24, 1966. Tony Lema would have been 32 years old at the time of death or 81 years old today.

Did tony lema have children?

Yes, pro golfer Tony Lema had a son David, who was orphaned at the age of 4 when Lema and his wife, David's mother, died in a twin engine plane crash July 24, 1966.

What is Tony Lema's birthday?

Tony Lema was born on February 25, 1934.

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Yes, according to a PGA record book, Lema played in the 1958Pensacola open. Wayne Swanson

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Tony Lema got the nickname Champagne Tony when he told the media that he would serve them champagne if he won the Orange County Open tournament in 1962. Frequently, he would celebrate victories with champagne.

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Who is the golfer named champagne Tony?

Tony Lema was an American golfer who won 1964 Open championship, his only major title before he died in air crash in 1966. On the eve of his victory at Orange County Open Invitational 1962, he joked that if he won the tournament he would serve press with champagne. He was nicknamed Champagne Tony thereafter.

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