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Who was Wyatt Earp's wife?

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What drug did wyatt earps wife take?


Who was wyatt earps wife?

Wyatt Earp married Urilla Sutherland in 1870, but she died a short time afterwards.

What color were Wyatt Earp's eyes?

What was Wyatt Earps eye color

What happened to wyatt earps guns?

They are in the Red Dog Saloon in Alaska.

What was wyatt earps contribution to Arizona?

Wyatt's contributions to Arizona was in force the law and keep the people safe.

Who was wyatt earps pallbearers?

John Clum, George Parsons, W.J. Hunsacker, Wilson Mizner, Tom Mix & William S. Hart.

What were Wyatt Earps brothers names?

American law enforcement officer Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp (1848-1929) had four brothers; their names were JamesCooksey (1841-1926), Virgil Walter (1843-1905), Morgan Seth (1851-1882), and Baxter Warren(1855-1900).

Was Wyatt Earp Jewish?

According to an article by Larry Tritton on the website (Looking For a Legend), Wyatt Earp was NOT Jewish. He is buried in a Jewish cemetery because his wife was Jewish and Wyatt had expressed a wish to be buried next to his wife. He died before his wife did, and she had him buried in a Jewish cemetery, presumably because that is where she intended to be buried. All the articles on the internet indicate that Wyatt is buried in a Jewish cemetery, but none of them state that he was Jewish, or that he converted to Judaism.

What are the release dates for The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp - 1955 Indian Wife - 3.13?

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp - 1955 Indian Wife - 3.13 was released on: USA: 10 December 1957

Was Wyatt Earp buried next to his wife?

No. He was buried in Jewish cemetery next to josie

Who is the female in Aaron hall i miss you video?

his wife

What are the release dates for The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp - 1955 Indian Wife 3-13?

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp - 1955 Indian Wife 3-13 was released on: USA: 10 December 1957

Who was Wyatt Earp's second wife?

Wyatt Earp's first marriage was to Urilla Sutherland (who passed away from Typhus in 1870). His second wife (not counting his common-law relationship with Mattie) was Josie Marcus. The two remained together for 46 years.

Was Cheryl ladd on charmed?

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What was the name of the band of outlaws that confronted the Earps at Tombstone?

The Clantons and McLaurys. When using the word 'outlaw' it should be remembered that there was little to separate them from the Earps, except that the Earps had badges which said 'US Marshal.' the band of outlaws as a whole was called the Cowboys it was the first documented representation of organized crime in America they were distinguished by the red sashes they wore around their waists

Where was the movie wyatt eurp filmed?

its wyatt earp not wyatt eurp its wyatt earp not wyatt eurp

When did Ed Morrison get humiliated in Wichita?

Wyatt Earp was not sheriff but he caught me doing bad things with his wife

Name a famous person with the last name of Marcus?

Josephine Marcus (singer/actress and wife of Wyatt Earp)

Did Wyatt Earp have any descendants?

Wyatt had no known children. His brother Virgil had a daughter before the Civil War, but through misinformation concerning his wartime fate, he did not see his daughter or first wife for 35 years!

Who was wyatt earps honarary pallbearers?

William S. Hart was a pallbearer and Tom Mix was there. John Wayne knew him as well and could have been there. Earp worked as an advisor for early westerns and Wayne was working as a prop boy. Earp would sit and tell stories about the “old west” and his influence can be seen in the movies.

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