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Who was Yamamoto?


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A famous Japanese admiral during world war 2. He was killed near the end of the war.

AnswerYamamoto is also the surname of the ex-bassist of Sound Garden.He was later replaced with Ben Shepherd Answer

Isoroku Yamamoto(Isoroku Takano)

Isoroku Yamamoto was an emperor of Japan but, before, he was a Navy Commander. Then he became a Navy Marshal General.He was Japanese.

He was born on April 4th 1884 in Nagaoka , Japan. He was sixth son of the Takano family. When his parents died he is adopted by Yamamoto family. When he was 34 he married to Reiko Mahashi in 1918. As he growing up he wounded in the battle of Tsushima and lost two finger(middle and index fingers)on left hand. When he became older and older he joined Imperial Japanese Naval Academy an ranked 7th place in his class so, he was assigned to the Cruiser Nisshin.

When he was old he became Navy Commander but he needed to race with his elder men and the elder men said that they wanted the transportation but Isoroku wanted as a gunboat. When he became emperor of Japan, he didn't want wars between USA because he studied at Harvard University in USA and got two Naval attache. He also don't want a wars between China because China is a big country so it is very hard to fight with gunboats so he allied them but his soldiers bombed American ship. Before he receive mails from his Navy commander about scaring to him to.

He did make group with Italy and Germany. The called it Axis. He didn't want a war ,never the less, he joined in the battle of Pearl Habour in Pacific wars. In the war he work as a Navy Commander but he had low opinion of USA Navy. He was died in the morning on 18 April 1943 by air crash near to Bougainville in Solomons islands.


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