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Who was born first Mozart or beethoven?

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Mozart was born in 1756 and beethoven was 1770.

so Mozart was born first

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Who came first Mozart or Beethoven?

Mozart preceded Beethoven. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on 27 January 1756, and Ludwig van Beethoven was born on 17 December 1770.

Is Mozart and beethoven friends?

They met when Beethoven first went to Vienna. But Mozart died not long after that.

Who did beethoven study with?

Beethoven studied first with Mozart, then with Haydn.

Who was excluded from this group Mozart or Beethoven or Bach?

Mozart and Beethoven were of the 'Classical' music era (although Beethoven actually bridged the Classical and Romantic periods), whilst Bach was purely of the Baroque era. Also, Mozart and Beethoven met each other, with Mozart actually giving Beethoven his first lesson in composition. Bach actually died six years before Mozart was even born.

Who taught Beethoven first Mozart or Hayden?

Mozart was Beethoven's first teacher. Beethoven had just one lesson with him before he had to return to Bonn. When he returned, Mozart had died, and Haydn became Beethoven's teacher, but they never enjoyed the same rapport or mutual admiration that Mozart and Beethoven had.

When did Beethoven meet Mozart?

Beethoven met Mozart in 1787.

Did Beethoven compose Mozart?

Beethoven and Mozart were two different people.

How did the music of Beethoven compare to the music of Mozart?

Actually, Mozart looked up to Beethoven. Beethoven was his role model. Mozart learned from him by listening.

Where were Beethoven and Mozart from?

Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Germany, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria. (Commonly confused with the country Austrailia, but they are completely different countries.)

Did beethoven use classical style along with Mozart to compose his first two symphonies?

Did beethoven use classical style along with mozart to compose his first two symphonies?

Did Mozart meet Beethoven?

In 1787 Beethoven first visited Vienna, at that time the center of the music world. There he performed for Mozart, whom he greatly impressed.

What are 4 similarities between Mozart and Beethoven?

Both Mozart and Beethoven... ...were born in provincial cities in central Europe (Mozart in Salzburg, Austria; Beethoven in Bonn, Germany) but eventually moved to (and died in) Vienna, Austria ...were promoted as child prodigies by domineering fathers ...were greatly influenced by the older composer Franz Joseph Haydn (Mozart as a friend and colleague, Beethoven as a student) ...shared an important patron in Baron Gottfried Von Swieten, who introduced Mozart to the works of the baroque masters, and to whom Beethoven dedicated his First Symphony.

What did Haydn Mozart and Beethoven all have in common?

Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven all have in common that they are from the classical period. Also, Haydn was Mozart's and Beethoven's teacher. They all could play the piano. They have all worked as a musician in Vienna. Haydn was born in 1732, Mozart 1756, and Beethoven was 1770. Haydn influenced both Mozart and Beethoven. Mozart became good friends with Haydn. Beethoven improved upon the classical music of Mozart and Haydn's time.

Did Beethoven teach Mozart?

No, Beethoven was born in 1770 and was therefore some 15 years younger than Mozart. By the time Beethoven reached some degree of maturity as a composer, Mozart was dead. There is in fact no firm evidence that they even met.

Was Beethoven living during Mozart's life?

Yes, Beethoven was alive during Mozart's lifetime. Beethoven was 20 when Mozart died. Beethoven had visited Mozart in Vienna and played him some of his compositions. Mozart recognised that he had talent and decided that he would like to teach Beethoven. Before their lessons could begin, Beethoven's mother fell ill and he had to return to Bonn to tend to her. Before he could return to Vienna to have his lessons, Mozart had died. Further information In 1787 (at the age of sixteen), Beethoven visited Vienna where he met Mozart for the first time. Here, Mozart actually gave Beethoven his first lesson in composition before Beethoven was called back to Bonn with the news of his dying mother. Beethoven's admiration of Mozart, and this first lesson in composition, is why music from the "first period" of Beethoven's composing reflects Mozart's style.

When did Beethoven go see Mozart?

1778 Beethoven traveld to Vienna to study with Mozart.

What are the differences in Mozart and Beethoven?

Mozart composed in the classical period and Beethoven composed in the romantic period.

Did Mozart and beethoven become friends?

YES Beethoven and Mozart met witch means they were friends

What European country can be associated with Mozart Beethoven Haydn?

Mozart and Haydn were both born in Austria. Beethoven was born in Germany, but spent most of his life working in Austria. They all died in Vienna, Austria.

Who did Beethoven inspire?

Beethoven inspired many such as Mozart.

What do Mozart and Beethoven have in common?

Apart from being the two greatest musicians in history, they both lived, worked, died and were buried in Vienna, although neither was born there. Mozart was the first to give Beethoven a formal lesson in musical composition, although he only gave one lesson before Beethoven had to return to Bonn. This is why Beethoven's early music reflects Mozart's style, apart from the fact that Beethoven admired Mozart.

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