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Who was considered the winner of the Cold War?


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The free world won the cold war.

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The United States won the Cold War against the U.S.S.R. The Cold War lasted for 45 years and was started by the Soviet Union.

The Berlin Wall was a symbol of the Cold War

Because it happened during the cold war.

That's because this happened during the Cold War.

because there was no winner, only a truce.

No, the Cold War is considered to have ended in 1991.

Because their is two countries COMPETING on many things like arms race , lands , ships ...etc So, its like a war who will be the winner at the end and will stop competing and fail + both countries dislike each other.

The Berlin Airlift was considered a symbol of the Cold War because it showed the fight and isolationism between the Soviet Union and US.

Generally the West is considered the victor of the cold war. The arms race between the US and the USSR basically bankrupted the USSR and led to its downfall.

Harry S. Truman was US president in 1946 when the Cold War is considered to have began.

The Korean was was considered the young cold war conflict. It became a part of the cold war when Stalin sent supplies to the Korean area. This involvement coined the name.

Because there wasn't any fighting. If there had been, it would not have been called a cold war. It would have been a hot war.

The Korean War showed that the West would not tolerate invasions and the expansionist policies of the USSR during the "Cold War" .

Because 'The West' was involved in the Cold War.

No, stalemate is a chess term, meaning an end with no winner. As long as the Cold War lasted and both sides were still able to one-up each other, it was not a stalemate.

The winner of the civil war was The Union or the North

None, the cold war wasn't a war. However...Korea & Vietnam can be considered two "battles" of the cold war; since Korea/VN were "hot" (shooting & killing) wars during the cold war. The cold war was about communism vs free world. Korea/VN were both fought between communists and the free world.

The two major players in the Cold War were the US and the Soviet Union. These two nations did not have battles or real wars during the Cold War years. Other conflicts among smaller communist nations, and a large one, China, were related to the Cold War. Wars in Korea and Vietnam can be considered wars with roots in the Cold War.

They call the cold war the cold because it was a war that wasn't violent but it was a war of war

no the fall of the soviet union was actually the cause of the end so it is not actually considered to have occurred during the cold war

he wanted to fight the US in a land war in Korea, he is considered a father of communist China.

For men, that is the winner of the decathlon and for women, the winner of the heptathlon.

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