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To read about the full trial and who was convicted go to the website listed to the right.

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Nazi leaders were convicted at the Nurnberg trials for?

The Nazi leaders were convicted at Nuremberg trials for war crimes.

What were the Nazi leaders convicted at the Nuremberg trials?

war crimes

What trials convicted many Nazi War criminals?

They were called the Nuremberg trials.

Who was involved in the Nuremberg trials?

CHurchill, Roosevelt, Stalin on Allies 22 Convicted

What was the name of the trials in which Nazis were convicted and charged for crimes during the holocaust?

There were several trials, but it sounds as if you are looking for the Nuremberg Trials. Please see the related question.

Why were the Nuremberg Trials held?


Where did the nuremburg trials take place?

Nuremberg, Germany. That is why they are called "Nuremberg " trials.

When was the Nuremberg trials?

The Nuremberg Trials were held between November 1945 and October 1946.

What happened at Nuremberg trials?

The Nuremberg trials were military tribunals conducted by the Allied Forces after the end of WW2. These trials were held for prominent members of Nazi Germany who were accused of war crimes.

Where were war crime trials for the Nazi held?

The Nuremberg trials were held in Nuremberg, Bavaria, in Germany.

Where did the Nuremberg Trials take place?

Nuremberg, Germany

What country was the Nuremberg trials held in?

Nuremberg is in Germany

What country were the Nuremberg trials in?

The trials were held in the city of Nuremberg, Germany, from 1945 to 1946, at the Palace of Justice.

What is the difference between Nuremberg trials and Nuremberg laws?

one was a set of trials, the other was a set of laws

Why were the numberg trials important?

The Nuremberg Trials put officers from the German High Command responsible for war crimes to justice. Among the war crimes that they were convicted of were atrocities committed in the concentration camps.

Why were the Nuremberg trails significant?

The Nuremberg trials were significant because Nuremberg was the city in Germany where the Nuremberg Laws were created, which deprived Jews of German citizenship. The trials were held in Nuremberg because it was almost like a punishment for the Nazis.

What was the connection of the Nuremberg Trials to World War 2?

The Nuremberg Trials were the judicial trials which tried the German Nazi War criminals (around 900 of them).

What was addressed by the Nuremberg trials?

The Nuremberg Trials of 1945-1946 were the war-crimes trials of leaders of Nazi Germany. They were charged with crimes against peace and crimes against humanity, most notably those connected with the genocide of the Holocaust. Twelve defendants were convicted and sentenced to death, of which 10 were hanged, and others sentenced to prison terms.

Where were the Nuremberg trials held and when?

In Nuremberg, Germany (Bavaria) and were in 1945-46.

Who was on trial at the Nuremberg trials?


Who was addressed by the Nuremberg trials?


Was there controversy in the Nuremberg Trials?


When did the Nuremberg Trials take place?

The Nuremberg War Trials were held from 20th November 1945 through 1st October 1946 .

What are some famous trials that took place after the holocaust?

The Nuremberg Trials.

What was the name of the famous trials at the end of the war?

Those were the Nuremberg Trials.