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Leader of North Vietnam, equivalent to the US president during the Viet War.

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Ho Cho Minh is one of some leader of communism in the world after war II. Many people think he's very bad and evil with hhis people is Vietnamese !

See: Biography on Ho Chi Minh.

it was actually ho chi minh herself

Ho Chi Minh does nothing. He died in 1969

Ho Chi Minh had a Communist government.

Ho Chi Minh is located on the continent of Asia.

The population of Ho Chi Minh City is 7,396,446.

Ho Chi Minh City was created in 1976.

If you mean the city of Ho Chi Minh, it's in Vietnam. If you mean the ruler Ho Chi Minh, he was born in Vietnam and he died in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh is actually a nickname for Saigon in the country Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh died in his home in Hanoi from heart failure.

the ho chi minh trail was 800 miles long

Ho Chi Minh was raised in a family that followed Confucian philosophy.

Ho Chi Minh went to school in Britain and Russia.

Cho Min-ho was born on 1987-01-04.

Cho Chan-Ho was born on 1986-04-10.

Cho Jun-Ho was born on 1973-04-28.

Zip code of Ho Chi Minh City is 70000

Singapore is a place, Ho Chi Minh was a man.

The area of Ho Chi Minh City is 2,095 square kilometers.

Order of Ho Chi Minh was created on 1947-06-06.

Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh

Jin Ho Cho was born August 16, 1975.

Ho Chi Minh declared Vietnam as an independent nation.

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