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Who was in charge of occupied japan after world war 2?

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The United States of America

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The USA occupied Japan until after the Korean War.

Japan occupied Bali in world war 2!

Japan was occupied by the united states for 6 years after japan surrendered to the united states in world war 2.

Narumi Occupied Japan is a china that was made in Japan shortly after World War II. The "occupation" was American and other Allied troops that kept order after the war.

Japan occupied Indochina during WWII.

It wasn't in the war. In 1937 it was occupied by Japan and remained occupied territory until 1945.

the military dictatorship of pre-war Japan was replaced with democracy

Yes, in the sense that it was occupied by Japan.

The US occupied Japan and rebuilt it during the Korean War.

Japan was an occupied country (by the US). And industry, along with the country had to be rebuilt.

Only Japan occupied th island of Japan during WWII. The United State planned to but instead reverted to the Nucluear bomb.

McArthur was in charge of US operations in Japan after WWII until the outbreak of the Korean War.

japan... occupied by the allies of course

No Japan was occupied for a while after World War II, but it has never been part of the United States.

For the first time in history, a foreign power had occupied Japan. This happened at the end of World War II. This foreign power was called the "Allied Powers" or the "Allies of World War II". They were a U.S. force, combined with the "British Commonwealth Occupation Force".

They were occupied by the allies/US, and had to be rebuilt, from the bottom up.

The Japanese occupied Singapore during World War II, from 1942 to 1945.

France, for one. Could you be more specific?

As Japan has never lost its independence, despite being occupied after World War II, it does not have an Independence Day.

Japan occupied the islands of Wake, and the Phillipenes, as well as the Marshall islands

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