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Q: Who was in king tuts family?
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King tuts family tree?

king tut has a wife namedAhnksamon!

What was king tuts job?

King tuts job was to be a king

What were King tuts rules?

king tuts rules?

What were some of king tuts hobbies?

king tuts hobbies

When did king tuts die?

king tuts died in 1338

What was king tuts wife named?

King Tuts wifes name is Ankhesenpaaten.

What is king tuts favorite food?

king tuts favorite food was fish from the nile

Where is king tuts tomb located?

King Tuts tomb is in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt.

Who was king tuts mother?

Nefertiti correct me if im wrong was king tuts mom

What is king tuts general region?

King tuts general rigion i think is 1321bc

Tuts mom and dad?

king tuts mom was Nefertiti.

What did Howard Carter write to his family when he saw King Tuts tomb?

Howard Carter was an orphan

What might be learned from the items found in king tuts tomb?

you can learn about the culture the lifestyle his family and generation and family secrets

What was in king tuts tomb?

king tut

What was King Tutankhamuns mum and dad called?

king tuts mum was called samantha king tuts dad was called billy

What is king tuts real name?

King Tutankhamun

Who was tuts father?

king akhenaten

Who was king tutankhamens mom?

king tuts mom was Kiya

What is King Tutankhamun hometown?

KING tuts hometown was in thebes

What year was king Tuts tomb Tuts tomb discovered?

It was found by howard Carter in 1922

What was king tuts real name?


What was king tuts full name?


Where Did king tuts name come from?

from his dad

What country is king tuts tomb?


When was king tuts tomb uncovered?