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USSR&USA. These 2 super powers had a time called Cold War, that is to make more weapons and be hostile to each other. Their reason for doing so is because their ideological differnece and mutual mistrust. however, the USA won after the dissolution of USSR in 1991. India&Pakistan. These 2 countries were part of 1 India in ancient times. due to the region , Islam from Middle East influence India (Ancient),which led to quarallels for regligious matter. When 1940s, Britain had formally get out of India, they divded into 2 countries, India &Pakistan where the lateral is the Muslim state. They had been competing for weapons and India test it at 1978 and Pakistan reactto it in 1998 , after India test another nuclar bomb.Recently, in a few years back, they had agreed not to compete with these race.

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How did the nuclear arms race affect the course of the cold war?

The nuclear arms race was the core of the cold war.

What were the main features of the nuclear arms race?

Nuclear arms race was where Cold War was going with the belief that the more nuclear weapons you had, the more powerful you were

What was the Australian involvement in Pearl Harbor?

It got Them involved in arms race It got Them involved in arms race

What new technology did the arms race bring to the world?

Nuclear weapons began the arms race.

What has the author Ray Perkins written?

Ray Perkins has written: 'The ABCs of the Soviet-American nuclear arms race' -- subject(s): Arms race, Military policy, Nuclear arms control, Nuclear weapons

What ended the arms race?

The Arms Race ended with the end of the cold war and the breakup of the USSR. The nuclear arms race came about during the Cold War.

What is the solution to the nuclear arms race?

The end of everything.

What do you think is meant arms race?

'Arms race' was the 'race' between America and Soviet Russia to develop as many nuclear weapons as possible.

Who was involved in the arms race?

Germany and Britain.

Who was the president when the nuclear arms race started?

Truman, in 1949.

How did the arms race heat up the cold war?


Who won the Nuclear Arms Race?

The nuclear arms race is sen as a metaphor, and can only be won when one country or power will control the power of the people, due to nuclear weapons.No arms race is ever won; they either result in an actual war (which might be won or lost) or a stalemate of some kind and disarmament.

What caused the Nuclear Arms Race?

cold war, arms race, nuclear arms race

Why was the arms race dangerous?

The arms race was dangerous because neither the Soviet Union or the U.S could protect its people from a nuclear attack.

Why did the Cold War reappear in the late 1970s?

The arms race came back up between countries, except this time it was a nuclear arms race, and in order to try to stop, or at least slow down the race so that there was no World War 3, SALT (the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) was created to do just that--slow down the nuclear arms race.

What has the author Adam Suddaby written?

Adam Suddaby has written: 'The nuclear arms race' 'The nuclear war game' -- subject(s): Military policy, Nuclear weapons, Nuclear warfare, Deterrence (Strategy), Arms race, History, United States, Great Britain

What agreement led to the slowing down of the nuclear arms race?


What was the method of conflict in the cold war?

Nuclear weapons arms race

What replaced the nuclear arms race?

Biological weapons and armed satelites

How did nuclear arms race promote the red scare in the US?


Why was the nuclear arms race called a race?

Because it was a race to see who could invent the fastest and be the strongest super powers

What caused the arms race?

The hydrogen bomb was the main factor. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wrong! The nuclear arms race began in 1939 when nuclear fission was discovered. The race was between Germany, England, and the USSR (using information from spies in the English program). By the time the US entered the nuclear arms race England merged their project with the US Manhattan Project, Germany had withdrawn (nobody else knew this) limiting their project to prototype nuclear reactors only with the goal of nuclear power plants after Germany won the war. So long before the first use of nuclear weapons, ending WW2 the nuclear arms race between the US and USSR was already well in place.

Who was involved in arms race?

The United States and the Soviet Union.

What term describes the stockpiling of nuclear weapons by the superpowers blockade space race arms race dรฉtente?


What does MAD stand for in terms of the nuclear arms race?

Mutually Assured Destruction.