Nuclear Weapons

Who was involved in Nuclear Arms Race and what were the causes of it?

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April 18, 2007 6:48AM

USSR&USA. These 2 super powers had a time called Cold War, that is to make more weapons and be hostile to each other. Their reason for doing so is because their ideological differnece and mutual mistrust. however, the USA won after the dissolution of USSR in 1991. India&Pakistan. These 2 countries were part of 1 India in ancient times. due to the region , Islam from Middle East influence India (Ancient),which led to quarallels for regligious matter. When 1940s, Britain had formally get out of India, they divded into 2 countries, India &Pakistan where the lateral is the Muslim state. They had been competing for weapons and India test it at 1978 and Pakistan reactto it in 1998 , after India test another nuclar bomb.Recently, in a few years back, they had agreed not to compete with these race.