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Argentina and the UK

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the falklands war was on the falklands islands.

The United Kingdom and Argentina.The UK and Argentina

Falklands War was in 1982.

No, the Falklands war was over territory.

did the falklands war effect chile

The Falklands War was nothing to do with religion.

The seizing of the falklands by Argentina.

In Falklands south of Argentina

The Falklands War ended 14 June 1982 with British victory.

It was the only military action his party was involved in. Other than the gulf; the Falklands War (1982) has been the only war Britain has been involved since the 1950's.

trying to find out who the survivors were from the 2nd para from the falklands war/

The short answer: yes. The Falklands were owned by the British, and they still are. This was why the war broke out, as the Argentinians believed that they had the best claim to ownership of the islands.

The Falklands War

Yes, the Falklands war ended on 14 June 1982 and the Gulf war started on August 2, 1990.

In the Falklands war Argentina suffered 649 killed and the British had 258 losses .

No - it was a conflict fought by British troops against the Argentinian invaders. No other country was involved.

Argentina in the Falklands thusly named the Falklands War

About 800 Argentinian troops died during the Falklands War.

The Argentinians, that's why the Falklands are still under the ownership of the UK

The cast of War in the Falklands - 2002 includes: Mark Halliley as Himself - Narrator

britania rules the waves!

The British casualties were 256 the Argentines lost about 1 000, mostly from the sinking of the Belgrano.

The United Kingdom and Argentina were the two belligerants. The UK had the support of the UN, and the USA. Argentina had the support of Peru and Libya.