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Who was involved in the sugar act?


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People from Britain


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In 1764, the British Parliament passed the Sugar Act to raise revenues. It was a tax placed on sugar and molasses. This tax affected the American colonies. The Sugar Act was also known as the American Revenue Act.

It didn't directly lead to the sugar act. The British started to become more involved with the lives of the Colonists after the War of 1812. So in order to regulate the war debt the British passed the sugar act.

He got involved with acts and taxes that the British 'unlawfully' imposed taxes against the colonists such as the Stamp Act, Sugar Act, and Townshed Act.

tax on sugar ,only on sugar in the sugar stamp act

sugar and molasses were taxed in sugar act

There was no exact person that created the sugar act...The british people created the sugar act..

The Sugar Act of 1934 regulated sugar imports

The Sugar Act is the law that puts tax on foreign molasses and sugar!!

The Sugar Act was a tax put on sugar by King George.

They protested against the Sugar Act.

"The Sugar Act is Bittersweet."

The date that the Sugar Act was put into place was April 5, 1764. The Sugar Act is a modified version of the Molasses Act.

the sugar act was passed first.

The colonial reaction to the sugar act was smuggling sugar and molasses.

the government was apart of the sugar act to stop smuggling sugar and molassas.

After. The stamp act was added in 1765 and the sugar act was improved in 1764.

It affected the colonists by making them pay taxes on anything that involved sugar or flower and ect. The colonists did not like this but the British soldiers forced them to pay.

The sugar act supposedly started in 1764.

The Sugar Act ended in the year of 1766.

The Sugar Act went in to effect in 1764.

The sugar act was established by George greenvill.

The Sugar Act was repealed in1766 and replaced with the Revenue Act of 1766.

The Sugar Act of 1934 regulated domestic sugar production

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