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Babe Ruth was called the great bambino.

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Who is known as the great bambino?

Babe Ruth the baseball player.

Who was known as The Sultan of Swat?

Babe Ruth aka: the Great Bambino

What did Babe Ruth do to be called The Great Bambino?

Bambino means Baby in Itailan. Baby for Babe or Bambino, and he was great. The "Great Bambino"

What is 'bambino' when translated from Italian to English?

Bambino in Italian is "baby" in English.

Who was known as the sultan of swing during the roaring 20?

During the 1920s, the man who was known as the Sultan of Swing was Babe Ruth. He was also known as The Bambino.

What does 'bambino' mean in spanish?

Bambino is not a word in spanish, but it means baby in Italian. (bambina for girls)

Why is Babe Ruth called the Bambino?

The Italian word for 'babe' is 'bambino'.

Where is tito el bambino from?

Tito El Bambino is from Puerto Rico

What does somoza mucho bambino y mean in spanish?

somoza a lot of bambino and

Who was nicknamed The Bambino for the New York Yankees?

Babe Ruth was nicknamed The Bambino.

When was Bambino Gesรน Hospital created?

Bambino Gesù Hospital was created in 1869.

When was De 'Bambino' ร  'Il Silenzio' created?

De 'Bambino' à 'Il Silenzio' was created in 1956.

How do you say i love you bambino in Italian?

Ti amo, bambino is i love you baby in Italian :)

Why is Babe Ruth called the great bambino?

Nickname - bambino is Italian for baby -> babe.

Why is Babe Ruth called bambino?

Bambino is Italian for baby, hence Tha Babe.

How old is tito el bambino?

tito el bambino is 28 years old

How did Babe Ruth get the nickname Bambino?

Bambino is Italian for baby, as in Babe, Babe Ruth.

How do you take your baby to school on my-bambino?

I know that at the age of 3 they aready get into a school.

What school did tito el bambino go?

wher did tito el bambino went to school

How is Gesu Bambino lyrics pronounced?

In the song Gesu Bambino, is the "G" pronounced with a hard "G"?

Have all bambino reale cribs been recalled?

The Bambino Reale cribs have not been recalled.

What is a bambino?

A bambino is a child or baby, especially a representation in art of the infant Jesus in swaddling clothes.

How much does a bambino cat cost?

A Bambino kitty will cost you $2,000. I have one, and she is worth ever penny! ;-)

What language is bambino?


What country is bambino from?