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The time of the Holocaust was also the time of WWII, of which responsibility for the major loss of life can be shared between Hitler, Stalin, Hiro Hito, and Mussolini. But perhaps you are thinking of Holocaust victims and not soldiers. In this category you have to include a number of people: Chinese, Ethiopians, Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and the mentally retarded (as they were referred to at that time). Countries that were involved in such persecution include: Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, (Occupied) Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Poland, Yugoslavia, Albania, Greece. Denmark and Norway effectively resisted the policies to a large degree.

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Hitler was alive during the Holocaust and 'inspired' it. After all, he was responsible for it ...

They used it simply to decrease the size of the Jewish population. They told them that they were to have a shower but in fact they were tricking them to their deaths...Hope this helps ;) xxx

About half of the global population.

The Holocaust, the massive annihilation by Nazi Germany of the Jews living in the countries that Germany occupied during World War II, contributed most to this massive decrease in population. Around 6 million Jews were killed, many in concentration and destruction camps.

compared to the total losses during the war, the losses in the Holocaust was but a small proportion.

No, he was the leader of Germany during WW2 and responsible for the Holocaust.

Just before the Holocaust there were about 18 million Jews world wide, and about one third (33%) were killed in the Holocaust.

The Jewish councils during the Holocaust they were responsible for administering the ghettos set up by the Nazis. Their role was highly problematical, to say the least.

sections of towns and cities which were segregated for certain sections of the population

After the holocaust the Jewish religion was and still is considered more of a culture, just like it was during the Holocaust. About 6 Billion people make up the worlds population and from that there are only 4 million Jews (a very small amount). There would be a bigger Jewish population if 6 Million+ Jews were annihilated during the Holocaust.

Just before the Holocaust that ranged from a small fraction of 1% in Denmark to about 10% in Poland.

The Jewish population of Austria just before the country was seized by the Nazis in March 1938 was about 183,000. Many fled abroad, but an estimated 65,000 were killed in the Holocaust.

About 450,000 (out of a total population of 47 million).

Approximately six million of the estimated nine million Holocaust victims were Jewish.

Crossover occurring less often during meiosis would likely decrease the genetic variation in the human population.

He is known for being the Chancellor of Germany during World War 2 and for being responsible for the Holocaust.

Oskar Schindler was an industrialist for a living. During the Holocaust he was responsible for saving 1,200 Jews from execution.

App. 76% of European Jews were slain during the Holocaust.

The jews and the non jews were killed during the holocaust.

The Holocaust during World War 2, for which Adolf Hitler was mainly responsible.

The antisemitism during the Holocaust was just an exaggerated form of pre-Holocaust antisemitism.

He died after the holocaust in his Berlin bunker on 30 April 1945 .===========Which was of course during the Holocaust

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