The Great Depression

Who was part of the great depression?


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Everybody during the great depression.

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No. Economically, London is part of England.

It is part of the Great Depression.

The Great Depression in the United States was part of a world wide depression in the developed nations of Europe. The "response" from Europe was to find ways to end the problem.

Yes. Arizona is part of the United States and the Great Depression happened in the United States. Therefore, it happened in Arizona.

What did the Great Depression effect? What was the effect of the Great Depression?

For the most part, there was no escape from the Great Depression. Many left their land and farms in search of other opportunities but it was often a fruitless endeavor.

The Great Depression was an important part of American History. Many people died due to illness, malnutrition, and suicide. It is estimated that about 40,000 people committed suicide during the Great Depression.

Where did the great depression.... WHAT???-The BOLD explainer ;)

how long was the Great Depression?

Government Economic policies did not lead to the great Depression. The Great Depression started out as a normal recession as part of a business cycle. However, bad government policies (e.g. protectionism) has worsened the recession and turned it into what we now know as the Great Depression.

Some of the best selling novels about the great depression include The Great Depression, America, The Worst Hard Time, and America's Great Depression.

the great depression was resolved 1939

Isolationism is a CONSEQUENCE of the great depression. After the Great depression many Nations focused on internal affairs.

The Great Depression affected all the Americans.

The Great Depression lasted from 1929-1939.

It happenes during the Great Depression.

how did the great depression affected Belize

No. There is no mention of the great depression in the Bible.

Yes, the Great Depression was in the 1930's.

How about "And that was my story on the great depression."

It was particularly brutal on the Eastern border which was a part of the Dust Bowl.

The Great Depression was In The USA, canada, France, Germany and the Great Britain.

The "Great Depression" got its name from President Hoover who said that it was not a time to panic but it was a depression.

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