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Pope John Paul II was pope from 1978 to 2005.
John Paul II (Karol Józef Wojtyła) 1978-2005
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Who are the popes?

The Pope is the Bishop of Rome, thus the worldwide leader of the Catholic church.

Who is the Pope?

The current pope is Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He took the name Pope Francis I . Pope Francis was 76 years old when he was elected to the head of the church on March 13, 2013. He was the archbishop of Buenos Aires, Argentina before stepping down because of his age. Pope Francis is the first non-Europ ( Full Answer )

Why are there popes?

Any institution requires a leader or visible hierarchy in order to function. This is natural to human nature and is thus present in human society and social groups. When Christ set up His Church He thus naturally gave it a visible hierarchy. The pope functions not only as a leader and thus rallyin ( Full Answer )

Why did Pope Benedict become pope?

He became pope because the College of Cardinals elected him as pope. Itis said that Cardinal Ratzinger had been a close confident of Pope JohnPaul II and his personal choice to succeed him as pope. Pope Benedict was made pope, the successor of Saint Peter, just like every other pope is made pope. H ( Full Answer )

Why is a pope named pope?

Pope means father... I am sure It means papa/ father in Latin...and Pappas or similar in Greek. They call him that because he is the leader/ "father" of the church.

Why is there a pope?

We really do not know why Jesus Christ chose Simon whom He renamed the Rock (Peter) to be the first leader of His Church on Earth.. John 21:15-17 states:. When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, "Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?" He said to him, "Yes, Lord, ( Full Answer )

Why did the current pope want to be pope?

Nobody has wanted to be pope for hundreds of years. It isoften a trial for the person elected to come to grips with realityand accept his election. It is the most thankless job on theplanet, you have no privacy, no vacation, no income, no free time,etc.

Why did Pope Gregory become Pope?

The Catholic Church believes that each Pope is selected by the Holy Spirit. We do not really know why the Holy Spirit chooses a particular person.. There have been 16 Popes named Gregory.. 64. St. Gregory I (the Great) (590-604) 89. St. Gregory II (715-31) 90. St. Gregory III (731-41) 101. G ( Full Answer )

How did the Pope become the Pope?

All Popes are successors of St. Peter. It is said that the line of Popes comes from the hand of St. Peter himself and that hand has been passed down in blessings. In fact, the office of the pope as visible head of the Church was founded by Jesus Christ on his authority and will exist until his s ( Full Answer )

Why did Pope John want to be pope?

It is not just simply wanting to be pope. the pope is the vicar of Christ. He is chosen by God to govern the true Catholic Church.

Why did Pope Benedict become the Pope?

After his predecessor then Pope John Paul the Second died, Cardinal Ratzinger was called to an conclave. This is where all of he cardinals meet up in secrecy to decide the next Pope and whether it would be the will of God and they chose Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany who then chose a new name ( Full Answer )

Who was our pope?

I have no idea what you are asking. From 1978 to 2005 Pope John Paul IIwas our pope. When he passed away Pope Benedict XVI was elected and, when he retired, Pope Francis was elected in 2013.

Who is are pope?

A pope is the leader of the Catholic church, like a pastor for the Christian church or a Rabbai for the Jewish church.. Benedict the sixteen.

Why do they have popes?

to teach us about God and be the boss of the church. but of course god is the #1 head of the church then the pope

How many years can a pope be a pope?

There's no actual limit, other than the natural limitation of human lifespan and the fact that at least in modern times most popes aren't elected until they're at least well into middle age (the average age at coronation of popes since the 1500s has been over 60; John Paul II, who was elected at 58, ( Full Answer )

When was Pope Gregory a pope?

There have been a total of sixteen (16) popes named Gregory. Gregory I, 590-604, the second pope (of the total of three) to be called 'The Great.' The last Gregory was Gregory XVI, 1831-1846.

When were there no Popes?

The Quick Answer: There were no Popes before Christ, because The Office of Peter (the Papacy) was established by Christ while He was still alive. The Real Question: Who was the first Pope? The Answer: Peter, the Apostle of Jesus! Check out Matthew 16: 13-20, Cor. 3:11, Eph. 2:20, 1 Pet. 2:5-6, R ( Full Answer )

When was Pope Benedict crowned pope?

Pope's are not "crowned" per se. But Joseph Ratzinger was inaugurated as Pope Benedict XVI on 24 April 2005 , taking position of the pope's home on 7 May of that same year.

What does the pope have to be?

He must be a practicing male Catholic to become the pope but is usually chosen from among the cardinals.

When did the first pope become pope?

A: The official position of the Catholic Church is that Peter was the first pope, from perhaps 30 CE, and that there was an unbroken line of successors as bishop of Rome, down to the present day. On the other hand, Francis Aloysius Sullivan (' From Apostles to Bishops: The Development of the E ( Full Answer )

Who is the pope and what does he do?

The pope is the Vicar of Christ. He occupies the seat of Peter, and is essentially Christ's chief apostle and leader of His Church here on Earth. The pope is also the Bishop of Rome. The pope's responsibility is to lead the church. As you can imagine, the responsibilities are incredible and divers ( Full Answer )

Is the pope Polish or is the pope Catholic?

Catholic Answer Since the Pope is the successor of St. Peter, and head of theCatholic Church, I think we can safely say that he is Catholic. Theprevious Pope, John Paul II, who died in 2005 was Polish, a PolishCatholic; the current Pope, Benedict XVI, is German, a GermanCatholic.

What did the pope do to become pope?

No cardinal does anything to achieve the papacy except to bepresent in the conclave and rely on the Holy Spirit to guide theelection.

Who can be Pope?

Any validly baptized Catholic male can be elected Pope. However, before he could actually assume the office he would have to be ordained a Priest and consecrated a Bishop if the candidate was not already both of these.

How was Pope Benedict made a pope?

His Holiness Benedict XVI was, like the majority of his predecessors, elected by the college of cardinals (voting-age cardinals) in a papal conclave in 2005.

Who was the pope after Pope Linus?

Another answer from our community: The Pope who followed Linus was (probably) Cletus (or possiblyAnacletus)

Which pope is known as the Christmas Pope?

In 350 A.D. Pope Julius I decreed that from that time forth the 25th of December would be acknowledged as the date of the Nativity - Christmas.

Why did they make the pope the pope?

"They", the College of Cardinals, elected Pope Benedict XVI in a secretconclave under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. What transpires in aconclave is secret and no cardinal may reveal what happens.

What did Pope Pius XII do as pope?

A: Pius XII was pope of the Catholic Church from March 1939 to hisdeath in October 1958. He opposed the German invasion of Poland,criticised the Nazi atrocities, and was instrumental in saving manyfrom the gas chambers, but some point to his relative silence onthe holocaust, perhaps unfairly. In t ( Full Answer )

Who was the pope who predicted the number of popes after him?

I don't believe a pope made that prediction but, rather, St. Malachy who predicted that there will be one more pope after Pope Benedict XVI and he will go by the name of Peter the Roman. What happens after that he does not predict but some say it will signal the end of time.

Why not to have a pope?

Because it is not God's way. God set up a system in which we can pray directly to Him. Jesus is our mediator, and go-between. No one else is needed.

When was Pope Benedict a pope?

If you are referring to Pope Benedict XVI, he was pope from April 19 of 2005 until February 28, 2013.

Are you the pope?

There is normally only ONE pope. There have been two occasions whena pope has retired, one of which was Pope Benedict XVI in 2013, whoresigned over health concerns and was succeeded by Pope Francis(Francis I). Clarification: There have been about 12 papal resignations for one reason or theother i ( Full Answer )

How long was Pope Benedict a pope for?

If you are referring to the current Pope Benedict (Pope Benedict XVI), he has been Pope since he was elected in April 2005 and will remain as Pope, howbeit as Pope Emeritus, until the day he dies. He reigned for 8 years until his resignation on 28 February 2013.

Which pope is known as pope of technology?

Catholic Answer Pope Pius XI was the first Pope to broadcast on radio, he put the first broadcasting station in the Vatican. Under Pope John Paul II there were the first satellite television broadcasting. And Benedict XVI uses Twitter to get his messages out to young people. The patron SAINT of ( Full Answer )

What role does a pope have and why do you need a pope?

The pope's main role is being the successor to the Apostle Peter whose mission was given to him by Christ. After Christ's Resurrection, when He and a few of His disciples (Peter among them) was eating breakfast of fish and bread on the Sea of Galilee, Jesus asked Peter 3 times if Peter loved Him and ( Full Answer )

Why did the pope resign as pope?

Pope Benedict 16 cited his advanced age, and related health problems, as his reason to resign. According to his statements, he believes that it is best for the Church if he resigns.

Is the next pope the last pope?

If you mean the Malachi Pope Prophesy, Benedict was the last Pope. Originally Malachi predicted only 111 future Popes. Benedict was the 111th. The 112th name on the list was added 400 years after the death of Malachi by a Benedictine monk that felt the Church should go 'out' on a more positive note. ( Full Answer )

Does the pope have to perform a miracle to be pope?

No, miracles are required of candidates for the sainthood as a sign that they are in heaven. A candidate for the Chair of Peter need only win 2/3 of the votes of the cardinal electors.

Why is the pope called pope?

Catholic Answer . Pope comes from the Greek (means papa) and refers to the fact that the Pope is the visible head of the Church, or father figure, as opposed to the Head of the Church which is Our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ. . \n \n. from . Modern Catholic Dictionary by John A. Hard ( Full Answer )

Why is a pope called a pope?

Pope is something like "Daddy" Catholic Answer . \n \n from the Greek for papa: . from Modern Catholic Dictionary by John A. Hardon, S.J. Doubleday & Co., Inc. Garden City, NY 1980 . Pope. Title of the visible head of the Catholic Church. He is called Pope (Greek pappas ( Full Answer )

Why is the pope called the pope?

The Holy Father is called pope because it is based on the Greek child's word for daddy: pappas ..

Why did Pope Francis get picked to be Pope?

Because the Cardinals, meeting in Conclave, did their best to discern the Will of God and follow it in their voting. Thus the bottom line is that the Holy Spirit thought that he would be the man for the job.

How did Pope Francis become pope?

Like all popes, he was chosen by an election where his fellow cardinals voted for their choice of Pope. This was done in private in the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City on the 13th of March 2013.

How did Pope Benedict get elected Pope?

Each cardinal writes his choice on a piece of paper and they then approach the Altar one by one. Up to four rounds of voting are allowed each day to choose the new pope.