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Benjamin Franklin was never president.

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Who was president before Benjamin Franklin?

Benjamin Franklin was never President.

What did Benjamin Franklin do as the president of the US?

Benjamin Franklin was never a president of the United States.

Was Benjamin Franklin the president of the Constitutional Convention?

Benjamin Franklin was not the president of the convention it was George Washington

Was Ben Franklin a president?

No, Benjamin Franklin was never president.

Was benjiman Franklin a president?

No, Benjamin Franklin was never a president.

Is Benjamin Franklin a presiendent?

Benjamin Franklin was not a president but he was a very famous statesman.

What did Benjamin Franklin always want to be?

Benjamin Franklin always wanted to be president of the U.S.

Was Benjamin Franklyn a President of the US?

Benjamin Franklin was never elected president.

What was Benjamin Franklin president of?

He was the 6th president of P.A.

Is Benjamin Franklin in government?

Benjamin Franklin is dead, but I think he was in government befor he was elected for president

What number presindent is Benjamin Franklin?

Ben Franklin was not president.

What is Benjamin Franklins title?

One of the titles for Benjamin Franklin was President of the state of Pennsylvania. Benjamin Franklin was president from October 18, 1785 to November 5, 1788.

Is Benjamin Franklin on the dime?

No, Ben Franklin (Benjamin Franklin) is not in any way on the dime. It is actually President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who is on the dime!

What are some differences between Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson?

thomas jefferson was a writer and benjamin franklin was a printer thomas jefferson was a president benjamin franklin was not

What did Benjamin Franklin do as president?

Benjamin Franklin was never President of the U.S.; however, the was president of the Pennsylvania Executive Council, a position similar to governor today. He was also an inventor..

What year did Benjamin Franklin become the first President of US?

Benjamin Franklin was never a president of the United States. The first president of the United States was George Washington.

Where did Benjamin Franklin live when he was president?

Benjamin Franklin never was president of the US. He was elected the first president of the American Philosophical Society and the 6th President of Pennsylvania while living in Philadelphia.

What did Benjamin kranklin invent?

Benjamin Franklin was president from 1785 to 1788. Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod, bifocals, the Franklin stove, a catheter, and a glass harmonica.

When was Benjamin Franklin president?

well lets see..... you can't say when he was president and mainly because benjamin franklin never WAS president...if u thought he was....well its our little secret ;)

Who was benjamin franklin-?

Benjamin Franklin was a founding father if the US, the 6th President of Pennsylvania, and also a famous inventor.

Was Benjamin Franklin ever vice president?

no he was never a vice president or a president

Was Benjamin Franklin in favor of the bill of rights?

Yes, Benjamin Franklin was in favor of the Bill of Rights. Benjamin Franklin was a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, and served as the 6th President of Pennsylvania.

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