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Arab traders were responsible for the spread of Islam.

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What religion spread from North Africa to west Africa

Islam did not spread the same way throughout all of Africa. In North Africa, Islam spread by conquest. In West Africa and along the Indian Ocean, Islam spread by contact between Muslim merchants and local Non-Muslims.

The Muslim Arabs conquered and occupied cities of North Africa. They conquer the Berbers, and Islam eventually replaced Christianity. Muslim traders finally spread Islam to Western Africa

Islam spread to all corners of the Arab World: North Africa, the Upper Middle East, and Arabia.

FALSE. Islam spread quickly through the Middle East and North AFRICA. Islam has never been terribly successful in North America prior to the 1950s.

Islam was adopted mainly by Arabs. Arabs conquered lands and formed empires, in which they also spread Islam by doing so.

Everywhere Islam spread in North And West Africa, It brought a wide mix of cultures, an alphabet, and overall knowledge and civilization.

The Islamic Conquests spread Islam throughout all of the Middle East,North Africa,and Spain.

because Nile River provides them water supply.

Islam religion is spread all over the world. However, Islam religion is major religion in the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

The Arabs and Muslim have contributed immensely to the spread of Islam by spreading it to other continents such as Africa. A Muslim is a practitioner of Islam, so if Muslims did not exist, Islam would no longer be practiced (just like the Ancient Greek Religion with Zeus is no longer practiced). The Arabs were the first Muslims and were responsible for spreading Islam throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

Muslim Arabs from Egypt spread into North Sudan and brought their Islamic faith.

By 1500, Islam had spread to most of the countries where it now prevails in North Africa, East Africa, Southeast Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and the Indonesian Archipelago.

Islam spread north at first and then spread east and west.

It's the major religion of North Africa.

Islam as a political force spread through the Middle East, North Africa, and Spain through conquest. As a religion followed by the people, it spread through discriminatory treatment of Non-Muslims under Muslim rule, where conversion to Islam could lead to a better life.

Asia - primarily in the south. North Africa A bit into Europe in Spain with the Moors.

No. Islam is not a language; it's a religion. The predominant language in North Africa is Arabic (admittedly in various dialects). There are also a number of Amazigh (Berber) languages used in North Africa. Islam is the predominant religion in North Africa.

Islam had control of the Middle East, the western part of South Asia, North and East Africa, and the Iberian Peninsula by 750 C.E.

Islam spread quickly because it conquered north Africa in 700 AD.11 years later, Muslim caliphates conquers Spain (FYI: The conquered Spain in 711 AD)

•Control of trade •trade routes•natural resources•spread islam

The Middle Ages were already under way when Islam began to spread in Arabia. It spread to Persia and Palestine. Then it spread into India, across North Africa, into other parts of Africa, to Asia Minor, to Central Asia, Southeast Asia, to Spain, Sicily, Southern Italy, the Balkans, the Philippines, and Indonesia. There is a link below.

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