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The god Neptune was the ruler of horses and the sea.

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What constellation is associated with he was ruler of horses and the seas?

Neptune was the ruler of horses and the sea, but he was not a constellation, he was a god. You may be confused here because one of the planets in our solar system is called Neptune.

Who was the ruler of horses and the seas?

Neptune was the ruler of horses and the seas.

Are sea horses related to horses?

Sea Horses are not related to horses but they are called sea horses, one because they live in the sea and two because their heads look like miniature horses heads.

What is a sea horses habitat?

a sea horses habitat is under the sea in the sea weed

What name is sometimes given to Carmargue horses?

Horses of the sea, or sea horses.

What are the sizes of sea horses?

what are the sizes of sea horses

Can sea horses livel in an aquarium with other sea horses?

Yes. It depends on if they are fighting sea horses, or if they are calm.

Who is the ruler of Poseidon?

Poseidon is the ruler of the sea.

What was Poseidon the ruler of?

Poseidon is the ruler of the sea

Are sea horses endangered?

Yes, sea horses are endangered

Do sea horses breed?

Uh, if they didn't breed, how are they supposed to have more sea horses? Yes, sea horses breed.

Who is the godess of the sea?

Poseidon is the greek name for ruler of the sea and Neptune is the Roman/Latin Name for ruler of the sea

What can harm sea horses?

Sea horses can mostly be harmed by Crabs and Tuna fish witch both eat sea horses

Are seahorses and normal horses the same?

no sea horses and normal horses are completely different. sea horses get there name because they are sea creatures that somewhat look like actual horses that you ride

What do sea horses eat?

Sea horses eat little shrimp

How small are sea horses?

The largest species of sea horses are about 13cm

Do sea horses belong to the same family as horses?

No they are not from the same family, sea horses are a special kind of fish, horses are mammals.

What is the male sea horses name?

There are only male sea horses no female

What are baby sea horses called?

baby sea horses are called fry

How do sea horses change colors?

sea horses change color by its surroundings

Do sea horses feed and protect there kids?

Yes, sea horses do feed and protect their kids. Both male and female sea horses can have babies. they can have up to 1000 in one day and they come out of the sea horses stomach

What do horses mean in Greek mythology?

Horses were created by Poseidon, the ruler of the seas and the land.

How do you sea horses eat their food?

Sea horses eat their food through their snout. Sea horses eat continuously as they do not have completely functional digestive systems.

How many types of sea horses are there?

There are about 36 different specis of sea horses in the world.

Do sea horses have a gender?

yes and male sea horses carry the babies in a pouch

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