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Q: Who was shia labeoufs girl friend in transformers dark of the moon?
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Who is Shia LaBeoufs girl friend?

He's single.

Who is the girl from transformers dark of the moon?

Her Name Is Carly She Is Sam's New Girlfriend

Why doesn't Megan Fox appear in transformers dark of the moon?

she broke up with sam in transformers revenge of the fallen the girl that appears in dark of the moon is known as Carley

Is there 2 girl transformers?

i think there are 2 girl transformers

Who is the Australian girl in the Transformers movie?

Rachel Taylor in Transformers 1. Isabel Lucas in Transformers 2.

What is the name of Batman's childhood girl friend?

Rachel Dawes, she dies in the dark knight :(

Who is the girl from transformers?

Megan Fox

Is jazz from transformers a girl?


Is star scream from transformers and transformers 2 a girl?

Technically Transformers don't have genders but most personify him as a male.

Who plays the girl in transformers?

Megan Fox

Who is the girl in transformers?

That would be Megan Fox.

Are there any girl Transformers?

Autobot Arcee.

Who is the girl from Transformers 2?

Megan Fox

What does it mean when your gay classmate's friend who is a girl blushes dark red with only you?

It usually means she likes 'you.'

What is the meaning difference between the words girlfriend and girl friend?

girl friend is a friend that is girl and not a best friend and girl friend is best friend

What is the girls name in Transformers Reveng of The Fallen?

The girl Sam is dating who made an apperance in 2007 is called Mikayla, however a new girl who pretends to love sam and tries having sex with him called Alice but she is revealed to be a Decepticon trying to kill him. Hope this helps By the way the girl in Transformers 3 dark of the moon is called rosie

Who is Rachel Taylor?

rachel Taylor is a girl of transformers

What is the name of candis friend in Phineas and Ferb?

If your talking about the Asian dark black-haired girl that's Stacy.

What is your girl friend?

a girl friend is a girl you are datingsome1 u love how is a girl

Who is nats girl friend?

he doesnt have a girl friend

Whose Brock's girl friend?

no he will not have a girl friend

How do you get a girl from a friend?

you can get a girl from a friend by telling her she cute.

What eye makeup will bring out your blue eyes?

Dark blues, violets, and browns are a blue eyed girl's best friend.

Who is the girl in the movie transformers?

Mikalea Banes (Megan Fox)

Is sideways a girl or a boy in transformers 2?

a dude ofcource