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Who was supposed to have power to cure the sickness of Tsar Nicholas' son Alexi?

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February 26, 2007 9:12AM

On July 30, 1904, a little boy was born to Nicholas and Alexandra called Alexis in memory of the second Romanov tsar, but within months of Alexis' birth the child began to bleed and it could not be stopped. He was the victim of Hemophilia which was inherited from his great-grandmother Queen Victoria. Alexandra tried miracle workers, praying without success and she feared her son (the only male Heir) would die. Fortunately the bleeding would stop for a period of time, but start up again without any warning. When Alexis was a year old and it was close to this time when Rasputin returned to St. Petersburg after a two-year hiatus. Alexandria summoned her to him to see if he could cure Alexis. Rasputin was capable of putting a stop to the Alexis' bleedings. Many people have tried to explain the nature of Rasputin's power over the child. Some have claimed that Rasputin did indeed have holy powers. Others, believe that Rasputin was able to hypnotize Alexis and therefore cause the bleedings to stop. However Rasputin managed to stop Alexis' suffering, the truth of the matter was that he gained Nicholas and Alexandra's undivided support.