Who was the American Girl Doll of the Year in 2010?

Lanie Holland! She is a girl living in Boston who has a passion to follow her aunts footsteps in becoming an outdoor explorer
Lulu Smith, New York city, Black hair and blue eyes
The next doll to come out will most likely be the Girl of the Year 2010. she will probley be African American some say but its not certan
The girl of the year 2010 is Lanie, a girl who discovers the world, in her own backyard. (I think that she looks like Taylor Swift!!!)
There are rumors that her name is Daun or Lainey something like that, and she is African American
well, the girl of the year is named Lanie.
Lanie loves the outdoors
The author has written African American books.
But we don't know if she is African American or not
They will tell u more info once Chrissa is sold out i found all this out from a website.
It is all true.

She is a white person!
If you don't believe me go to dolldiaries.com
It has her book cover on dolldiaries.com
Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!

You better do it.
The American Girl doll for Girl of the Year 2010 is named Lanie Holland.

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I finaly got my monthly issue of American girl magazine. On the back of the issue it show the drawing of the girl. Her name is Lanie. She has long, curly blond hair. she has hazel eyes. Her personality s that she is an energetic girl who discovers the world in her own backyard. She is soooooo pretty!
The 2010 American girl doll is named Lanie. She has blond hair and comes with a bunny, a headband a purse and a book.
Her name is Lanie Holland.
Lucy smith if you don't believe me go to you tube
Sorry But they have not said yet i have been searching the web for two days now i can still not find it!
Her name is Lanie Holland.
American Girl of the year of 2010 is Lainey, and she loves the outdoors. American Girl confirmed that.

go to americangirl.wikia.com lanie holland go to wikiapeda and look it up
her name is lanie
Lanie by Jane Kurtz
The new American girl is named Lanie she comes with a rabbit with a purse with a book and headband.Lanie has blond hair and her bunny is the colour caramel with a little of chocolate!
Lanie holland. sry u didnt get to know this answer b4 she was released like a bunch of other people. o well, she's in stores now