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American forces were under the command of General Douglas MacArthur.

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Military commander in chief.

There were several, including integrating the Armed Forces, refusing to use nuclear weapons, and stopping his military commander from carrying the war into China (and also firing his military commander)

American forces were under the command of GeneralDouglas MacArthur.

The American politics helped the Americans establish an important military presence in Asia. This gave the Korean military power compared to the other Asian countries.

General Mac Aurthur in WWII and the Korean war.John S. McCain in the Vietnam War.

The commander of the us eighth army during the Korean war is General Ridgway.Gen. Walker was commander until killed in a Jeep accident, Ridgeway was his successor.

He was commander in chief. He dealt with the war accordingly.

According to, General Douglas Macarthur was commander of the UN forces during the Korean War until he was relieved by President Harry Truman.

Many volunteered for the US military and served in the Korean War.

President William McKinley. Theodore roosevelt served in the military suring the spanish-American war

American Revolution, Mexican war, Civil war, Spanish-American war, World War 1, World War 2, Korean war.

American history has had many external conflicts. Here are four examples: The Korean War, The Vietnam War, World War I and World War II. These are conflicts that involved the American military.

He was a good Commander in Chief. He let the military take care of the details.

did the american public think that the korean war was woth fighting?

General Douglas MacArthur is the military commander who had been relieved of his command by President Truman during the Korean War, but who still had substantial support in the US public.

The Korean War was the ONLY TIME the United States military ever fought the Red Chinese military.

During the Korean War (1950 -1953) Australia responded by immediately offering military assistance. Some 17,000 Australians served in the Korean war.

The Korean War was the FIRST war in US History in which they were "Officially Integrated" into the US military forces.

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