Boston Tea Party

Who was the British king during the Boston Tea Party?


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The King during the Boston Tea Party was King George the Third. Written as King George III.

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The British taxed the colonists because they were angry that they left England and they wanted them to pay for their misdead towards the king.

It wasn't the king, but the British Government alone that closed the port of Boston and put in place a series of laws called the Intolerable Acts after the Boston Tea Party.

King george III was very mad after the Boston tea party he made the intolerable acts.

The king was not present at the Boston Tea Party.

The King got mad because of the Boston Tea Party and it was punishment.

they were protesting because the British king had put really big taxes on the tea, and so they were like, really mad.

the british king taxed the colonists on tea and they rebeled

The British responded to the Boston Tea Party by making the Intolerable Acts which closed the Boston Ports and destroyed the Massachusetts government. King George the Third passed the intolerable acts because he as well as parliament saw it as a criminal action.

Yes, during the boston massacre British troops opened fire on american colonists who were protesting against the king of england

The king shut the port of Boston.

this happened because king George had placed the tea act .some people were asleep during the Boston tea party . The Boston tea party was named after what happened . Patriots dressed as Mohawk Indians , went into ships ,got the tea and dumped it into the sea .After this King George got mad so the patriots had to pay for all of the tea they had dumped.

No. The king got mad and closed the port of Boston, sent in more troops and added more taxes.

after the Boston tea party the british king, king george | found out. he was furious so he punished the bostonians with the intolerable acts. the head of the british army was now govenor. the bostonians had to offer food and shelters to soldiers if they need somewhere to be. if the did'nt want to be affected they would have to pay for all the tea the sons of liberty threw into the boston harbor

After the boston tea party the king taxed all the tea in the colonies.

No, what are you talking about? The Boston Tea Party was a rebellion of the colonists against England and their taxes.

There was no Tea Party Act, but there was a response from the king. He sent more troops to Boston and closed the port. One observer wrote that he thought “the whole of London “ was coming into Boston. There were 2,000 British men of war full of troops entering Boston Harbor.

The Boston Massacre turned colonial sentiment against King George III and the Tea Party was a protest against King George's tea taxes, these events together caused King George to send in troops to control the uprising of colonials which inturn caused a declaration of war with the Colonials and the British Empire.

Because innocent colonists died from British soldiers in the Boston Massacre, and the Boston Tea Party made the King furious and take away almost every right Boston had, so it made the colonists angry at Britain.

King George does not take well to the Boston tea party, and created the Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts). This closed down the Boston harbor, forbid all town meetings, and gave the British troops the right to knock on a colonist's door, and stay in the colonist's home.

King Georges reaction to the Boston Tea Party was to pass a series of laws to punish the Massachusetts colony and to act as a warning to others. The British called these laws the Coercive Acts, but the colonists found the laws so harsh that they called them the Intolerable Acts.

The King closed the harbor because of the Boston tea party. One observer watched the British man of war ships come into the harbor and commented that “ there were so many it looked like London was arriving.” The king sent over 2000 troops into Boston.

The Sons of Liberty were the ones who attacked the British ships and threw the tea into the harbor. In result of that, King George and Parliament closed Boston Harbor, where the tea party took place.

the boston massacre took place on King Street in Boston. In Boston in the streets in front on British Headquarters

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