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Desiderius Erasmus and other Christian scholars urged the church to make reforms to end abuse and give more attention to spiritual leadership.

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Is the pope the head of the Christian church?

The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church but most other Christian denominations do not recognize his leadership beyond that.

Is Alicia Keys a Christian?

No. She was raised a catholic by her parents, however Alicia has announced she is semi-atheist and semi-spiritual.

Who are the spiritual leaders in Catholic?

The Pope is the spiritual leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

Is Tobymac Catholic?

No! Toby mac isn't catholic he writes spiritual rap christian music he ha been doing that for years he is always respecting god

Is Mandy Moore Catholic?

Mandy Moore was baptised and raised Catholic, and even attended a Catholic High School. She is no longer practicing the Catholic faith, or any Christian faith, but still considers herself "Spiritual".

What is different between Catholic or Christian?

A Catholic is a Christian they believe in the same God and respect Him

Can you be christened both Christian and Catholic?

Christian and Catholic are the same thing. If you get baptised as a Catholic you are a Christian Catholic

What church is the pope head of?

The pope is the head of the entire Christian Church. However, only the Catholic Church recognizes that leadership.

What is a cathlic?

Here's a basic answer for you... A Catholic is a follower of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is founded on the teachings of Jesus. Unlike some other Christian Churches, the Catholic Church is Apostolic. This means the lines of leadership in the Catholic Church come directly from Jesus' Apostles.

Is Kevin James a Christian?

no he is a catholic. He is a catholic christian.

What is different between Catholic and Christian?

catholic is christian.

Is Karl wolf a Christian or Catholic?

Maronite Catholic If a person IS Catholic, then they ARE Christian!!!!

What is difference between Christian morality and Catholic Christian morality?

Catholic AnswerNone, Catholic and Christian are the same thing.

What is the symbolic meaning of the Christian pulpit?

The concept of the pulpit started with the Catholic Church. When Martin Luther and other Christians protested and thus became protestants they followed suit. The pulpit is the place where the "shepherd" of the flock (the church body of believers) gives his "sheep" spiritual food and leads them to follow God. So the pulpit represents spiritual leadership and spiritual guidance (note they place their Bible on the pulpit and any notes they may need).

Is Sylvester Stallone Christian?

Sylvester Stallone was raised a Roman Catholic. He considers himself spiritual but not part of a structured church of any kind.

Was Henry Hudson Christian or Catholic?

Roman Catholic AnswerCatholic and Christian are the same thing.

Were the Romans Christian or Catholic?

They became Catholic (hence the Roman Catholic Church). A Catholic is a Christian. The words 'Catholic' and 'Roman Catholic' were only used after the Great Schism of 1054 AD. Before this, they were 'Christian'.

Is Selena gomez Catholic Or Christian?

She is both. Selena Gomez is a Roman Catholic which is a type of Christian. Roman Catholic is not a form of Christian

If you belong to a Catholic church does that mean you are not a Christian?

Catholics are a branch of Christian. So you are christian if you are catholic.

Is Vanessa Hudgens a Catholic or a Christian?

She is a roman catholic! (Catholics are Christian)

Is Brandon Heath Catholic?

No. Brandon Heath is a Christian, not Catholic Christian.

Is there any such thing as a christian Catholic?

Not sure what you mean, but a Catholic is a Christian.

Is George Bush Catholic?

Yes, indeed he is catholic.. He and his family where very catholic and spiritual

What has the author Lorenzo Scupoli written?

Lorenzo Scupoli has written: 'An cath spioradail' -- subject(s): Doctrines, Early works to 1800, Catholic Church, Perfection, Spiritual life 'The spirituall conquest in five treatises, enabling all Christian warriers to conquer themselves, and come to a vicinity with God' -- subject(s): Christian life, Perfection 'Il Combattimento Spirituale' -- subject(s): Asceticism, Care of the sick, Catholic Church, Catholic authors, Christian life, Doctrines, Early works to 1800, Orthodox Eastern Church, Perfection, Perfection (Catholic), Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Care of the sick, Religious aspects of Perfection, Siritual life, Spiritual life 'Certamen spirituale ..' -- subject(s): Christenen, History, Mysticism, Spiritual life, Spiritualiteit 'The spiritual combat and peace of soul' -- subject(s): Catholic authors, Christian life, Perfection 'The Christian pilgrime in his spirituall conflict and spirituall conqvest' -- subject(s): Asceticism, Catholic Church, Early works to 1800, Perfection, Religious aspects of Perfection, Spiritual life 'The spiritvall conquest in five treatises, enabling all Christian warriers [sic] to conquer themselves, and come to a vicinity with God' -- subject(s): Christian life, Perfection

What type of church did the Presbyterians develop?

The Presbyterians developed a church organization based on the spiritual leadership of elders i.e. from the Greek "presbyters," distinguishing themselves from the traditional leadership of popes, archbishops, bishops etc, that constitutes Roman Catholic and Episcopalian hierarchy.