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Ra, Horus and Osiris were all god kings.

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Q: Who was the Egyptian king of the gods?
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Who is the egyptian god of gods?

Amun was the King of Gods

What was the relationship between the Egyptian king and the gods?

Egyptian kings along with every other Egyptian worshiped gods, although Egyptian kings, or pharos were considered low leveled gods.

Was atum the ancient Egyptian god king of all gods?

No, The king of the gods was Amon-Ra

Was Amun the king of gods?

It is probably pronounced as Amen-Ra but he was the king of the Egyptian gods,until he was forced to the heavens.

What was narmers relationship to the Egyptian gods?

Narmer was a ancient Egyptian king, so a priest and warrior of the gods and goddesses he worshiped.

King of gods in Egyptian mythology?


In Egyptian mythology who was the king of gods?


Who was King Tutankhamun and why was he powerful?

he was the youngest Egyptian king at 18 and he was and there Pharaoh were said to be descended from the gods this being said they belived tutankhamen was descended from the god isis the queen of the Egyptian gods

Who was the first ever ancient Egyptian god?

Ra the king of Egyptian gods (1st)

Who were the 2 chief gods of the ancient Egyptian religion?

Ra and Horus were king gods.

What was the Egyptian king called?

They were called pharaohs. They were considered gods.

Was Ra the Egyptian sun god?

Yes Ra was the Egyptian sun god and king of all gods.

What Egyptian gods ruled the dead?

Osiris was the god king of the afterlife.

What Egyptian god was king of all gods?

The main god was Ra.

Who in the world is Ra?

Ra was the king of the Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

Which god did Egyptian Pharaohs answer to?

Technically, them all, but primarily Osiris, the King of the Gods

Which Egyptian gods ruled over the dead?

Osiris was the god king of the afterlife.

Who was the Egyptian king of gods?

Ra, Horus and Osiris were all god kings.

Was Zeus a part of ancient Egyptian religion?

Zeus was the King of the Gods in Greek mythology, not Egyptian. The Egyptian ruler god was arguably the Sun God, Ra.

Who is the king of the god who ruled over osiris?

Amun-Re is King of Gods in Egyptian Myth.

What was the difference between the Egyptian Pharaoh and the Mesopotamian King?

Peopel though Pharaohs were gods

Why did Ra the Egyptian god have a crown?

Ra was not only a god, he was a ruler of gods as a king.

Who was the god of evil in Egyptian mythology?

Set was the god of evil who killed the king of the gods

Were Imhotep and Amun-Ra Egyptian gods?

Imhotep was an Egyptian polymath who served under the Third Dynasty king Djoser as chancellor to the pharaoh and high priest of the sun god Ra at HeliopolisAmun-Ra was a god.

Who is the ancient Egyptian sun god?

the ancient Egyptian sun god was Ra. he was the king of all the gods. he balanced chaos and order.Ra