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Who was the Hawaiian ruler who wanted to restore native rule?


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Hawaii was being effectively run by (primarily) foreign business interests, and in 1893, Queen Liliuokalani attempted to establish a new constitution that would have effectively restored the monarchy and its power to govern the islands. But the U.S. and other national interests blocked this effort by making claims regarding a threat to U.S. citizens on the island, and John Stevens, the U.S. Government Minister of Hawaii, called upon U.S. troops to provide protection for those U.S. citizens. The presence of armed U.S. Marines washed away any hopes the native Hawaiians had of restoring self rule. A link is provided to the specific section of the Wikipedia article on Hawaii that speaks to the history of the islands. Another link is provided to the Wikipedia article that is an expanded history of the events and personalities involved in the stripping of Hawaii of its independence.