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Who was the Jewish leader during the Holocaust?

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There was no leader. There was no way of communicating or fighting back. The Germans had overpowered them. The Jews didn't constitute a country with a government. The Jews were also a very diverse group of people. On the one hand, there were very traditional Orthodox Jews in countries like Poland and Romania. On the other hand, in Germany, France and the Netherlands there were large groups of Reform Jews (as well as more traditional Jews). Many were also non-believers. Some were conservative, others were liberals and yet others were socialists (of all varieties). Many in Western and Central Europe had enthusiatically embraced emancipation and were keen bearers of modernity; others, mainly in Eastern Europe, were very traditional. Having said this, there was the designated 'national home' in Palestine, which was under British rule from 1917-1948. There the largest group of Jews was headed by Chaim Waizmann, but there was very little that he could do. Moreover, he had no authority to speak for the Jews in general.

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Who was the leader of the Jews during the Holocaust?

There was no 'leader of the Jews' during the Holocaust. The Jews were not a country or an organization.

Was there a Jewish ruler during the Holocaust?

There was no Jewish state and no 'Jewish ruler'.

What were Jewish police during the holocaust called?

Jewish police

Where was the first Holocaust Ghetto in Germany?

there were no Jewish ghettos in Germany during the Holocaust.

Did any Jewish people renounce being Jewish during the Holocaust?

Yes, but being Jewish in the Holocaust was not judged by one's self, it was determined by the Nazis.

What was the work camp during the Holocaust?

A work camp during the holocaust was the code name for a Jewish resistanse camp.

How many Jewish people died in France during the holocaust?

9,000,000 people died in France during the Holocaust!!

What was the exile of providence during the Holocaust?

A Jewish belief system that God's guardianship had been exiled during the Holocaust.

What was the Jewish people religion during the Holocaust?

Judaism of course. That's the reason for the Holocaust.

What are some symbols of the Holocaust?

The Star of David is a symbol of Jewish persecution during the Holocaust.

What date were Jewish men's beard's shaved off during the holocaust?

throughout the holocaust.....

Who was the major nazi leader during the Holocaust?

The leader was Adolf Hitler.

Who were being attacked during the Holocaust?

Jewish people

When were the Jewish people badly treated?

Jewish people were treated horribly during the holocaust

What civil rights did Jews have inthe Holocaust?

The Jewish people had absolutely no rights during the Holocaust.

Who was the leader of propaganda during the holocaust?

Josef Groebels

What was the Jewish badge during the Holocaust?

The yellow Star of David.

How many Jewish were killed in Netherland during the holocaust?


What countries accepted Jewish refugees during the holocaust?

The Phillipines

How were you chosen to be in the Jewish Council during the holocaust?

The members of Jewish Councils were chosen by the SS. (There were no elections).

How many French Jews were killed during the Holocaust?

There was about 75000 French Jewish people killed in the holocaust.

Why was the Jewish people targeted during the Holocaust?

. The Jews Were Targeted During The Holocaust Because ; during The Holocaust most jews were put in concertration camps german's blammed many things upon them

How did the diary of Anne Frank impact Jewish history and the Holocaust?

Anne Frank was a Holocaust victim and she was not a position to have an impact on the Holocaust itself or on Jewish history. Her diary is immensely valuable as a vivid account of the life of a Jewish girl in extremely difficult and dangerous circumstaces during the Holocaust.

What was the political position of the United States of the Jewish people during the Holocaust?

they did nothing during the holocaust. Most Americans thought the Jews provoked it

What were the Jewish councils in the Holocaust?

The Jewish councils during the Holocaust they were responsible for administering the ghettos set up by the Nazis. Their role was highly problematical, to say the least.