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Who was the King after Edward the confessor?


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Harold II (aka Harold Godwinson)

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King Harold succeeded Edward the Confessor, who was in turn succeeded by William the Conqueror.

King Edward the confessor

No. Edward the Martyr was king of the English between from 975 - 978. Edward the Confessor ruled from 1042 - 1066.

Edward the Confessor was born in Islip in Oxfordshire, in 1003, son of Ethelred the Unready. Edward the Confessor was King of England. He had an English father and a Norman mother.

Of England it was Edward the Confessor.

The answer to this question is:William duke of Normandy (soon to be King William the Conquerer)King Edward the ConfessorHarold GodwinsonKing Edward the Confessor

Edward the Confessor was the great-uncle of Edgar Atheling. Edgar's grandfather King Edmund II Ironside was a half-brother of Edward the Confessor.

Edward the Confessor became King on the 8th June 1042. His reign ended when he died on the 5th January 1066.

Edward the Confessor became King of England between June 8, 1042 - and was crowned on April 3, 1043.

He was king of England from 1042-1066!!!

There have been 11 King Edwards. Edward the Elder, Edward the Martyr, Edward the Confessor and Edward I - Edward VIII.

King Edward the Confessor reigned from 8th June 1042 untl his death on 5th January 1066.

King Harold became king after Edward the Confessor died

I think it was Edward the Confessor

Saint Edward the Confessor, king of England, was born in 1003.

Edward the confessor was the king of England. The problem was when he died, he had no heir to the throne

Which King Edward? There were several, including Edward the Confessor, Edward the Martyr, and so forth.

Yes, one especially well known was King St. Edward the Confessor.

Edward the Confessor, King of England.

Saint Edward The Confessor (1042-1066).

The Anglo-Saxon king after Edward the Confessor was Harold Godwinson. Harold Godwinson ruled from January to October 1066 when he was killed in the Battle of Hastings.

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