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There are MVP's for each league. In the AL, it was Miguel Tejada for the Oakland A's and in the NL, it was Barry Bonds.

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Q: Who was the MVP of the 2002 MLB season?
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When is 2011 mlb mvp award regular season?

derrick rose

Who won the mvp in 2012 Major League Baseball season?

Miguel Cabrera won the 2012 MLB MVP.

Who holds the career record for MVP in the Major League Baseball?

As of the 2008 season, Barry Bonds 7 MVP awards is the most for a player in MLB history: 1990, 1992, 1993, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004

Who is the only player in mlb history to win the mvp of the all star game and the mvp world series in the same season.?

Derrick Jeter

Who was the MVP of the 2008 Major League Baseball season?

2008 MLB MVPsThe 2008 American League MVP was Dustin PedroiaThe 2008 National League MVP was Albert Pujols

Who was the last player to win the MVP and NBA finals in the same year?

Tim Duncan won both the MVP and Finals MVP in the 2002-03 Season

Who in the MLB has won the rookie of the year award and the MVP award in the same season?

Fred Lynn and Ichiro Suzuki.

When will MLB mvp be announced?

AL mvp is 11-21, NL mvp is 11-22

What mlb players have won the rookie of the year and mvp in the same season?

fred lynn,johnny bench,vida blue

Who was last catcher in MLB NL to win MVP?

Through the 2009 season, that was Johnny Bench of the 1972 Cincinnati Reds.

When will MLB mvp 2011 be announced?

AL mvp is 11-21, NL mvp is 11-22

What is the most wins in one season in the MLB?

The 2002 Seattle Mariners, with 116.

What is the minimum amount of home runs scored by Mark Ellis?

For a season in MLB it is 6 in 2002, his rookie season.

How many players have won the MLB MVP as a rookie?

1. Fred Lynn in 1975 2. Ichiro Suzuki in 2001 These two players won both MVP and Rookie of the Year in the same season.

When does the MLB season start?

The MLB season usually starts from the beginning of April.

Who won the 1981 MLB all-star game mvp?

There was no all star game in 1981. Strike caused a split season.

Who won the MLB AL MVP for 2008?

2008 AL MVPThe 2008 American League MVP was Dustin Pedroia

Who was the 2005 baseball mvp?

2005 MLB MVPThe 2005 American League MVP was Alex RodriguezThe 2005 National League MVP was Albert Pujols

When does MLB post season start?

After the regular season. Hence the word post.

Who was the Pittsburgh Steelers MVP for the 1995 season?

The Steelers MVP for the 1995 season was Neil O'Donnell.

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Who was the MVP of the 1979 World Series?

Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series MVP award in 1979. He also won the regular season MVP and NLCS MVP awards that year. He is the only player to have won the regular season league MVP, championship series MVP and World Series MVP awards in the same season.