Who was the Shawnee chief who organized a fight for their homeland?

For about a hundred years all of the Shawnee were involved in attempts to protect their homelands in Ohio. Sadly most were unsuccessful as the Shawnee were pushed further and further south to Oklahoma, Texas and Florida. I believe you were asking about Tecumseh, but just in case you are referring to an earlier time span I am including a few other notable leaders of the Shawnee Nation.

Cornstalk (1720-1777), led the Shawnee in Dunmore's War, and attempted to keep the Shawnee neutral in the American Revolutionary War.

Blue Jacket (1743-1810), also known as Weyapiersenwah, was a leader in the Northwest Indian War.

Black Hoof,(early 1800's) who fought every effort to force the Shawnee to give up the Ohio homeland.

Tecumseh (1768-1813) and his brother Tenskwatawa attempted to unite the Eastern tribes against the expansion of European-American settlement and led the last attempt by the Shawnee nation to defend the Ohio country from European-American expansion. The alliance was broken up by the Americans, leading to the Shawnee's expulsion to Oklahoma. This led to Tecumseh's War and his death at the Battle of the Thames on October 5, 1813.