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Who was the Sioux Indian leader in the battle of little big horn?


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That chief was Crazy Horse.


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The Sioux leader during the Battle of Little Bighorn was Sitting Bull. Other leaders were Crazy Horse and Chief Gall.

Sitting Bull was the major leader. However Crazy Horse led as well.

If you're talking about the battle at the Little Big Horn against the Sioux Nation, that was June 1876.

The residents of that community were Sioux, Cheyenne and Arapahoe.

The Sioux Indians' best achievement was The Battle of Little Bighorn, where the Sioux Indians at an Indian camp fought off early American forces when they tried to take their territory. The Indians killed many Americans, including general George Custer, a major U.S. military leader.

Chief Sitting Bull, leader of the Sioux Nation

The achievements of the Sioux Indians was the Battle of Little Big Horn, where the Sioux Indians at an Indian camp fought off early American forces when they tried to take their territory.

Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse. Sitting Bull was elderly and did not fight in the battle, but he was widely respected among the Sioux, and his vision of a Sioux victory was instrumental in rallying them to fight.

The Indian tribe called Sioux, means "little snakes"

Most of the Sioux Indians died out in The Battle of the Little Bighorn

He was the leader of a US cavalry patrol which was destroyed at the Battle of the Little Bighorn by native Americans of the Sioux & Cheyenne tribes.

Well to start with, there is the fact that Sioux means "Little Snakes" and the fact that they were very widespread around the continent of North America. Also, the Sioux tribe teamed up with the Cheyenne tribe to defeat George A. Custer in the battle of the Little Big Horn.

the battle of the little big horn

It was a battle between Sioux Indians and US Cavalry

Yes, he was one of the first major Indian chiefs.

the battle of the little big horn was between the Lakota Sioux and AMERICA! (Commandder George A. Custer)

The Participants in this Battle were- US Government- The Sioux Clan- Cheyenne- Arapaho

The special thing about The Sioux is that they are a unique tribe. Probably the only two tribes that participated in the battle of the little bighorn. Sioux Indians are special.

On Sunday June 25 1876, On at or near Little Big Horn river, General Custer and 265 members of his Regiment were killed in battle against hostile Indian tribes.

The Sioux Indians had won the battle with all of their decisive tactics used during it.

Crazy Horse, Lame White Man, Sitting Bull, and Gall were the Sioux leaders at the Battle of the Little Big horn.

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