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Who was the USS Livingston named after from World War II?


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June 24, 2012 8:56AM

There is a little reference to who the Livingston was named after, however, there are some good clues to narrow it down.

The ship was originally built as the SS Josiah D. Whitney (who Mt. Whitney is named after), then transferred to the U.S. Navy from the Maritime Commission, converted, and renamed the Livingston.

Viewing online records for the Whitney, it shows the following chronology:

Josiah D. Whitney -

1943 LIVINGSTONE (AP163), US Navy

1944 LIVINGSTONE (AK222), US Navy.

1946 JOSIAH D. WHITNEY, WSA laid up Suisun Bay (Mothball Fleet).

1973 Scrapped Taiwan

Livingstone and Livingston are both used; one is the American spelling, the other is the British spelling (Livingstone). From the list of Navy Armed Guard ships, there are 4 ship name candidates:

BROCKHOLST LIVINGSTON (1757-1823) Revolutionary War soldier. Member U.S. Supreme Court 1807-1823.

PHILIP LIVINGSTON (1716-1778) Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Member of the Continental Congress.

ROBERT R. LIVINGSTON (1718-1775) New York legislator. Revolutionary patriot.

EDWARD LIVINGSTONE (1764-1836) Congressman from New York 1795-1801. Mayor of New York City 1801-1803. Congressman from Louisiana 1823-1829. Senator 1829-1831. U.S. Secretary of State 1831-1833. Minister to France 1833-1835.

Though there is no reference in the Navy ship records or the biographies of these individuals, given the nature of most Liberty Ship names and the available records, the most likely choice is former Secretary of State Edward Livingstone. Livingstone is the only name that shows on 2 Liberty Ship record rolls, and corresponds to a known name for the Whitney after it was delivered to the Navy.

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