Who was the Vietnames communist or Vietcong commanded by?

US Special Forces (Green Berets)/US Advisers may have known some of the names of the VC commanders, but as a rule, US Regulars fought the VC by unit size. Very seldom did US/Allied conventional forces (regulars) obtain unit numbers & commanders names of VC units. The battalion intelligence section may have known, but that information was seldom communicated down to the enlisted man level.

When engaging NVA units, the matter was simplified. As with US Forces, the NVA had their unit sewn onto their fatiques. So all we had to do was surgically remove that cloth portion of the fatique shirt and give it to the intelligence shop. If the Intel officer was a real "stickler for information", sometimes we'd have to go back to the NVA body and remove the complete fatique shirt to hand over to the intell officer.

Those were definite "no, no's", returning to a battle scene. Perfect way to get shot by a bunch of angry friend's of the enemy KIA. After some of those experiences, "WHOLE" uniforms were often brought to the Intel Officer; no more second trips!

The Intel Officer can now identifiy the NVA unit, and it's commander. VC unit's seldom, IF EVER, wore army uniforms. They were guerillas. The NVA were regular soldiers, like us (drafted too!).